Batman Forever (1995) (part 10 of 14)

Meanwhile, Bruce is visiting Chase at her ridiculously large and plush apartment. I have no idea why he’s here. Perhaps to pick up some leaflets on how to get into criminal psychology, seeing as how it pays ridiculously well.

Caption contributed by Dan

Eat your heart out, Molly Fucking Jensen!

It turns out Chase has bought Bruce one of those Malaysian dream dolls that he saw in her office. That’s sweet. Maybe she feels guilty about being alternately rude, then dismissive to him.

And then, out of nowhere, Bruce just blurts out how his parents were murdered in front of him when he was a kid. Dude, you’re well into your thirties. Trying to milk that incident for a sympathy lay at this point is just pathetic.

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Dan Laurikietis

Dan is an actor, playwright, theatre director and writer of dubious literature. In order to feed his many substance dependencies, he also teaches high school drama. He lives in Northwest England with his fiance Lauren and his dog Molly. In his spare time Dan likes to squander his cash on books with pictures in them, DVDs and video games. He wishes he was more bohemian.

Multi-Part Article: Batman Forever (1995)

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  • Elfshotthefood

    This movie isn’t just bad, it’s bad and irritating. An unrestrained Jim Carrey is not a pretty sight.

    • Canais Young

      I thought people learned that Jim Carrey being unrestrained is a bad thing from “Ace Ventura” (or “In Living Color”…or his audition tapes from “Saturday Night Live”).

  • John Berndt

    Am I the only one here willing to let Dr. Chase sexually impose on them? ;)

    • Ken Shinn


  • Steven Pryor

    Yeah. Batman Forever may not be a good movie, but it’s at least watchable. It didn’t get totally excruciating until Batman and Robin; necessitating a reboot years later.

  • Farrell McNulty

    I remember the audience howling when Chris O’Donnell uttered the long-awaited HOLY line.

  • Ike

    That was dam funny
    Obsessional IS a word …