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Joey looks back at one of his older episodes, that happens to be the last installment of The Batman Chronicles! This time around, it’s a review of Cartoon Network’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold, a more lighthearted, fanciful Batman series that takes a cue from the comic of the same name, and features Batman teaming up with mostly B-list heroes from the DC universe.

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  • Jeff Bradford

    I wholeheartedly agree. It was an interesting idea and I wish they put more thought into it. The show had a lot of potential and they just wash it down with kid-friendly messages and life-lessons like GI Joe Public Service cartoons. You were also right about how awesome the partner characters are! (sometimes) NERDGASM!!! But yes, your fans are right, MORE BATMAN! (and spider-man if you find the time)

    • tedzey71

      When I get the chance to find the time, I’ll definitely rap up the Batman chronicles. Now I did hear from the grapevine that I may do a crossover on something that may or may not have to do with Spiderman… AGAIN! Just putting that out there…

  • Sofie Liv

    The show became better an more diverse in later seasons, it really seemed to find it’s strive half way through season two and with the half season three they managed to produce before cancellation, so it’s a shame really it got cancelled.

    The side-characters get to return which means their characters gets to be fleshed out and the formula gets changed up, Batman gets to be the centre of some episodes, Bruce Wayne DOES appear and as do Alfred, as Bats starts teaming up with A; class superheroes the “Guest star makes mistake.” formula is completely frown out the window.

    If you ever get a change to find it, check out the episode “Chill of the night.”
    It is a terrific Bruce Wayne centred story that really tries to examine his character in a new way, and we find him in a very unique but actually deeply fascinating situation, put him in a real dilemma, and it’s surprisingly serious strong writing for a show normally just about the fun.

    Batman is always cool :)

    • tedzey71

      As soon as I posted the review a year ago, it was first thing somebody told me to check out (the episode “Chill of the Night”).

      And yes… Batman is one of the reigning kings of cool :D