VIDEO: Filmation’s The Adventures of Batman

As part of a special series of reviews, Joey looks at three generations of animated Batman media. First up is the hilariously lame The Adventures of Batman, featuring the voices of Casey Kasem and Ted Knight, and brought to you by the same studio that gave you He-Man!

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  • Sofie Liv

    I thought that episode looked very entertaining, plus.. Adam West Batman is awesome for reasons I can’t explain.

    Enjoyed the episode :)

    • Tedzey71

      Thank you! As for the old show, I think I gotta give my love to Frank Gorshin as the Riddler!

  • Launchpad25

    Well, ‘BTAS’ also had character’s eyes designed like they were in Filmation’s ‘Batman’. Also, as bland, and dated as Filmation’s ‘Batman’ was, I’d rather watch that over ‘Mob Wives’, or any reality crap!

    • Tedzey71

      Lol, don’t kill the messenger! My dad improvise that bit!

      As for the white-less eyes, I guess you could say that later on it would become a trademark in present day cartoons. Though seriously, two dabs with some white paint!

  • Goblin1001

    Sadly, Filmation’s various DC Superhero cartoons were a fairly accurate representation of the comic book stories of the late 60s, and the Adam West show was only SLIGHTLY campier. Having grown up with that stuff, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD cartoon didn’t impress me much. Kids who got to grow up with a SERIOUS Batman, and other characters who got to be themselves (notice how EVERYONE in the Filmation cartoons had a “batcave” and a kid sidekick?) were lucky, in my opinion.

    • starofjustice

      Of course if I remember back around then DC actually put some kind of regulation in place to limit how many covers could have gorillas on them in the same month. It was a weird time.

    • Tedzey71

      I agree with you on the generation gap. Personally, I think each generation has something to enjoy over others and the same could apply to this show. Glad you watched the episode; and hopefully we could get the other two episodes in the “Batman Chronicles” on the booth :)

  • spiff2268

    I was born in 68 and they made some Batman cartoons in the late 70s that even as a kid I thought were just plain stupid. (Bat-mite, anyone?) Then when “Batman: TAS” came out I was pissed. I was thinking “Why the fuck couldn’t they’ve made this when I was a kid?!”.

  • In the episode it is clearly said (after the 05:06 minutes mark) that the cat’s fur is coated with a mysterious “chemical” that gives off RADIO WAVES (however the hell that’s supposed to work), *not* that the cat is RADIOACTIVE. Those are two very different things!

    I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but Joey is making such a fuzz about the “radioactive cat” when in this case it’s clearly a reviewer mistake.

    However, the brilliant idea of heating up iron bars in contact with your skin until they’re red hot and nearly melting so that you can bend them to escape is so abysmally dumb that the screen writers fail physics forever. ;-)

    @Joey: During the part from 00:48 to 00:58 minutes, it is very hard to understand your voice over the background music, which becomes foreground music and drowns out the narration.

    • Tedzey71

      Glad you gave your two cents (dammit, jim i’m a psychologist; not a atomic physicist!). I was considering scraping that radiation joke, but I ran it by a couple of my friends and they said it was fair game.

      Again, it’s good to get feedback and I’m glad you shared your thoughts :)

  • Bart_Fargo

    I can verify that this Batman came out before Super Friends. It was part of a block of shows that included Superman (along with his teenage self, Superboy), Aquaman, the Justice League, and the Teen Titans. The relative success of these shows is why Aquaman was one of the Super Friends.

    Ah, yes, the ’70s Batman cartoons. Adam West and Burt Ward return to their roles in an animated turdfest that was part of the infamous “Tarzan and the Super 7”. That show got chopped down in a hurry, once DC’s lawyers got a look at a good chunk of the other shows in the program.

  • Topio1

    Please do not stand in front of a brightly lit window when you’re recording, and please get a camera with a better focus.
    Other than that an entertaining review.

    • Tedzey71

      I think I invested in a better camera this time (this review was recorded about a year ago). But thank you, otherwise :)

  • Actually, radio waves are WAY too low-energy to be considered radioactive. Gamma rays are, though – they’re so high energy they knock pieces of atoms off. Pieces of *atoms*. They blow up atoms.