VIDEO: Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001)

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My Little Pony is a thing now, so why not talk about a cartoon based on another popular girls’ toy from back in the day: Barbie! Here she is in her very first feature-length movie, Barbie in the Nutcracker, which as you might have guessed is also a Christmas movie. Click here for Sofie’s audio commentary!

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  • Muthsarah

    A Marxist spin on Aladdin? I must know more!

    • Sofie Liv

      Don’t say another word.. and just god damn watch it!

      the link is very legal. it’s a youtube group calling themselves the star kids whom makes these most excellent parody musicals and put them out on their channel, they make a new one every year and has done so far the last half decade.

      • Muthsarah

        Oh, f*** yeah, that was a spectacular bit of burlee-skew. Thank you, Miss Dorkness. Aladdin’s one of my absolute favorite films, and yet/so I adored this. It just got more and more beautiful as it went along. And it’s actually BETTER than Wicked, in that it doesn’t hide behind prequelocity (which is a cancer on creativity), but does a far more Fractured Fairy Tale thing by showing events we know from a new angle, and pointing out the obvious logical failings of the works. I loved this for many of the same reasons as I loved Frozen. It’s astonishing that, in parody, the characterizations of Aladdin, Jasmine, and Jafar all feel more complete than in the fantastic, but tropey, film that was.

        How’dyou find out about this? I ain’t never heard of them before.

        • Sofie Liv

          This is their newest production which only came out like a month ago.

          They made “A very potter musical.” YEARS ago, which is just as good as this musical, and I am a huge harry potter fan, so well, a friend introduced me to that, years ago, and I nearly died from laughter merely watching a very potter musical, again, just as funny and clever as this one.

          And been a huge fan ever since, I do think their works are pure genius.

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          I need to see this and will give it a watch soon. Right now I’m a bit hyped for Aladdin-movies which is not that difficult, when you think, that I’m writing a Star Trek / Aladdin – Fanfiction. ^^

          Concerning the Nutcracker-Suite: I remember an audioplay, in which Fritz was torturing the nutcracker, then Marie went towards it, apologized, felt a stinging pain and fell unconscious…
          Okay – so, she got knocked out by the nutcracker then, yes? *shakes his head*

  • maarvarq

    I had my Barbie dolls fight frozen goblins all the time
    You’re Scandinavian. Of course you did :-)

    • Muthsarah

      If she were truly Scandinavian, she would have sacrificed her Barbie dolls to Odin and Frej in a great Blot in return for their blessings.

      • Sofie Liv

        How dare you?
        My barbie dolls aint going to be sacrificed to no one! Beside, most of them are big heroes because they saved the world from ultimate evil like a hundred times!

        .. man, my little pony FIM really hit the spot about what girls actually want to do with their toys.. huh.
        Or at least, what I wanted to do with them, I mean, put them through a big fantasy plot where they safe the world together.

  • Film Runner

    My sister had this when I was about 8 and I thought it was alright to be honest, which is a bit weird given that my DVD collection now is mostly stuff like Oldboy, Seven and Lawrence of Arabia (I’m a big war movie guy).

    • Sofie Liv

      I honestly don’t think it’s bad movie.

      It has the same nostalgia factor to me, as the old animated Transformers movie have to other people, and well, looking bad at it, it’s still all-right.. no it’s not a master piece, but it’s actually not bad.

      And what’s so weird with that? I adored this movie when I was a kid, and now I adore stuff like the Avengers, Pacific Rim, Evil dead and so on.. I don’t see why one thing should exclude the other, you can like a big variety of different stuff, no problem.

      • Film Runner

        This is a bit off-topic, but I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now, what do you think of Pan’s Labyrinth?

        • Sofie Liv

          I freaking LOVE it.
          It’s my favourite movie… really!

          I think it’s the most beautiful movie I have ever seen, beautiful visually, in story telling, in message and what it tries to tell.. or what it tells.
          The message about how fairytales affect the real world, why we need them, what they truly are.

          I adore the movie beyond reason, and it fascinates me to absolutely no end.. I mean it, when I am calling it my favourite movie.

          • Film Runner

            I really like it too. I think it’s the film that most captures the feel of an old-fashioned fairy tale out of all that I’ve seen (those were fucking dark stories), and it always makes me laugh whenever a new family movie is described as a ‘dark re-imagining’ of an old story (Malficent’s the latest to try that one). Funnily enough the guy who plays Vidal, who is one of the scariest people I’ve ever seen in a film, was a comedic actor prior to the film and the studio tried talking Del Toro out of casting him.

            Also completely off-topic, I’ve started doing my own video review show and I’m looking for feedback and criticism on it. If I sent you a link to it would you mind taking a quick look?

          • Sofie Liv

            Oh hell no, haha.. Do they even know how dark the original fairytales were?
            Any re-imagination is pretty much bound to be lighter than the original story, whom almost all, by nature, are actually morality stories.

            News flash;

            The little mermaid got the choice between killing off the prince or turn to sea-foam, she stood there with the knife above him and every-thing, but couldn’t do it, so she turned to sea-foam.

            The kid that got turned into a Donkey in Pinochio.. Pinoch runs into him again, and witness him die in front of his eyes, due to having being worked to death!

            As punishment for being two such big doucebags, Cinedarellas step-sisters got their eyes poked out by angry pigeons at her wedding, and then had to spend the rest of their days slaving away in the castle kitchen.

            And at last, why not look at one of the newer disney movies..
            Rapunzel got found out that the prince was visiting her, because she got pregnant with child, whilst still being trapped in the tower, and the witch got so angry that she tore out the prince’s eyes so he may never lay eyes on Rapunzel again, and send Rapunzel out on her own, pregnant and every-thing, out in a dessert where she doesn’t know any-one.
            Oh and the reason why Rapunzel even got trapped in that tower in the first place, was because her parents took some vegetables from the witches garden, and the with got mad about that, so she took their only child in payment….


            But yeah, Del-toro, man does he get fairytales and what they are about, he has actually been in conversation with Disney for a very long time, to make darker stop motion versions of the fairytales storie.
            And well that idea both excites me, fascinates me and scares the hell out of me..

            I want to watch Del-toros stop-motion version of Pinnochio.. only i’m afraid…

            Some-day I am going to go a bit more in depth with pans labyrinth, there are so many layers in that movie, so many things that speaks to me.
            You can tell it’s a very personal work from Del-toro, it’s just.. well.. it’s so god damn beautiful in its horrifying darkness.

          • Film Runner

            The version of Cinderella I heard had the mother and sisters forced to wear red-hot iron shoes and dance until they dropped dead. And then there’s Sleeping Beauty, which I think outdoes them all (The Giambattista Basile version at least). I’d be interested in seeing you do a video on Pan’s Labyrinth to be honest, I think there’s a lot to talk about in that movie.

          • Sofie Liv

            I guess that depends on which version of Sleeping beauty you are talking about.

            The old version I have, in my collection of classical brother grimm fairytales, every-thing turns out just fine.

          • Film Runner

            In the version I heard, the prince finds sleeping beauty, rapes her and then wanders off. She gets pregnant from that, gives birth while still unconscious and the newborns sucking her fingers wakes her. She and the prince live happily every after. I’m not quite sure what the moral’s supposed to be, but I guess that’s Italians for you.

          • Sofie Liv

            yeah.. that’s a bit different from the german version I grew up with.

            How-ever, in the version I got, many prince’s died on the thorns around the castle in the hundred years she was a sleep!

          • Film Runner

            Well, in either case I’ll be holding Disney to their word when it comes to Malficent.

          • Sofie Liv

            Well… It’s disney, they can’t go that dark, it’ll go against the coorporate brand.

            And quite frankly, I do like Disney for being the nice childish thing, whom can make those childish movies for kids.
            But yeah, every-body just love to advertise with their “A darker re-imagination.” these days..

            Well, it’s different from “A satiric re-imagination.” we were stuck with five years ago when Shrek was still a thing.

            I think this is kind of a circle we are riding that will kind of go around and around until we get back to the starting point again with.. I mean, didn’t we all-ready do this darker imagination stuff back in the eighties?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            We did, and we still do – I only say two words: Battlestar Galactica.

            I mean – the dark reimagination was not bad (better than Stargate Universe for sure) but at first I really was annoyed about it.
            And I’m shuddering with fear, when I think, what they would do to Knight Rider if they’d go full-blown “dark, grim, gritty reimagining”.

            The Show of 2005 or so – that was a nice continuation, and I’m really pissed, that they canned it.

          • Sofie Liv

            Some people also seem to think that “Lighter.” instantly means. “Dumber.” .. no no, it doesn’t.

            Just look at Doctor who, in the fifty anniversary special episode, they made a sharp u-turn for the show, and closed off an era, that where the Doctor is all about his guilt for what he did in the time-war.
            In that episode, we lift the guilt from him, and end on a note of hope, leaving an old era behind and start on a new, that is obviously much more hopefull.
            Lots of people hate that, but come on! The old thing about him always regretting the time-war and being alone and stuff, has been going on for eight years! eight!
            It’s a good thing that we are taking the show some place new.
            The good thing about Doctor who is that it CAN renew itself.. so yeah, the new era spells “Hope.” instead of “Regret.”
            Which is definetely a much ligther tone.. but why does that have to be bad?

            Dark does not equal “Clever”
            Light does not equal “Stupid.”

            Clever equals clever and stupid equals stupid! No matter the context of the product!

  • Arturo Garza Flores

    I like to think that just because something is a commercial for something doesn’t immediately say something about its quality. For example, the climax to most Marvel Studios movies are basically giant toy commercials. In the case of something like MLP, I long ago made peace with the fact that if it weren’t for the toys, the animation wouldn’t exist. And honestly, it makes it easier to enjoy it. If I can accept that Friendship is Magic (and also Equestria Girls) are glorified commercials for toys, it’s easier to get past that and just enjoy the animation.

  • It’s pretty odd how this review was uploaded on December 21st which is my niece’s birthday and how she loves Barbie and this movie. It’s almost like you two are mysteriously linked somehow! Or it could be a big asspull coincidence on my behalf! Either way, I’m sure if she was older she’d love this review and your take on Barbie. She only just turned 7 so maybe a bit too young but they do grow up very fast nowadays, or at least some parents want their kids to grow up quicker without having them enjoy childhood for a bit!
    Either way, Merry Christmas Sofie. It’s been a great year and your visit plus the Alcon experience was a big part in why it was so great. :)