Barb Wire (1996) (part 6 of 11)

That night, outside the Hammerhead, people are being just as sleazy as usual. Chief Willis, now wearing an official police uniform, downs a shot at the bar. Pam walks up, telling the bartender to make sure Charlie has enough to eat, then asks Renault, I mean, Willis, about the “monkey suit”.

He says that “uniforms impress the Congressionals”. And I’m sure being drunk does, too. He reveals, once again, that the Congressionals will be showing up at the bar any minute. Curly has a table ready, and Pam tells Curly to keep them away from the weapons check, because she doesn’t want any of their “excitable customers from the United Front trying to get even,” whatever the hell that means.

Willis says the Congressionals have earned more respect than that, but Pam says what they’ve earned is fear. Just then, the door opens, and a dirge march is played as a Congressional casts a long shadow across the bar’s floor. All very subtle, yes? And I didn’t even have to mention the slow fog rolling in. For no reason, there’s sounds of guns being cocked [?] as Steve Railsback enters in his proto-Nazi uniform, complete with an eagle on his hat. He goes and stands in a “dramatic” blue light and slowly removes his leather gloves.

Barb Wire (1996) (part 6 of 11)

“You vill watch Barb Wire, und you vill luff it!”

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Multi-Part Article: Barb Wire (1996)

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