Barb Wire (1996) (part 4 of 11)

Cut to Pam in a leather overcoat, provocatively posing in a doorway. Her VO says she had to do “a little moonlighting” to support her bar. To no one’s surprise, she adds, “A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.” Or, perhaps, vice-versa. I amazed she doesn’t add, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” Pam’s VO says, “And in this world, you gotta use everything you got.” And in this world, everything she’s got is not much.

Soon, she attracts the attention of a fat bald guy in a suit who’s carrying a grocery bag. He asks if she’s a cop, so she opens up her coat to reveal her leather corset. “See a badge?”

The guy asks for her “med-reg” and Pam pulls out an ID card and says she was “checked yesterday”. Guess they didn’t catch that Hepatitis in the screening. He grabs the card, which turns out to be a “License of Prostitution” for “Olivia Lewis”. The card says she’s in “Good Health as of 1-07-19”, which, and I hate to have to be the one to point this out, is two years later than when this movie is supposedly taking place.

Barb Wire (1996) (part 4 of 11)

Okay, so Pam’s a whore. Quite an acting stretch, I’m sure.

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Multi-Part Article: Barb Wire (1996)

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