Barb Wire (1996) (part 10 of 11)

Cut to the streets of Steel Harbor, where extras wander around flaming overturned cars, and of course, those ever-present flaming barrels. The Barbmobile cruises through and passes a sign saying that they are “now leaving the UN Protected Area”. So, I guess in retrospect, it’s probably not that the Congressionals answer to the UN, but that the UN is keeping the peace in Steel Harbor. Though let’s just say I’m cutting this movie some major slack in assuming this.

Pam explains they have to get past a “toll” to get to the Unoccupied Zone. I’m not sure what a “toll” is, but they soon come upon Big Fatso’s men just standing around in the middle of the street. Big Fatso is there, still in his bulldozer, only now he has a nice little umbrella propped over him.

Pam demands the money and Big Fatso snaps his fingers. A flunky opens a briefcase to reveal a “gold debit card”. Fatso says it’s just as good as cash, but Pam protests. But, I guess she’s really got no other choice, because she next pulls out the retinal lenses. Axel and Cora D suddenly appear, livid that Pam is going to sell the lenses.

Fatso immediately recognizes them as Axel and Cora D. I’m not sure how he recognized Cora, given the plastic surgery she’s had, but I guess we’re just supposed to take it as a given that Big Fatso sees and knows all. Axel yells, “How could you?” But Pam says that as far as she’s concerned, the world is all about Pam. It’s the Summer of Pam!

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Multi-Part Article: Barb Wire (1996)

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