Barb Wire (1996) (part 1 of 11)

The Cast of Characters:
Barb Wire (1996) (part 1 of 11) Barb Wire (Pamela Anderson Lee). Real name: Barbara Kopetski. A nightclub owner who moonlights as a bounty hunter in the Post-Apocalyptic city of Steel Harbor. Like most tough action heroes, has a waist you can wrap one hand around. Oh, and you might miss this, but she also has very large breasts. Casablanca-equivalent character: Rick.
Barb Wire (1996) (part 1 of 11) Axel (Temuera Morrison). A freedom fighter who wants to bring down the fascist Congressional regime. Also a former lover of Barb’s who has since married a major resistance figure. Steadfastly resists any situation that might cause him to change his facial expression. Casablanca-equivalent character: Ilsa.
Barb Wire (1996) (part 1 of 11) Cora D (Victoria Rowell). Real name: Dr. Corrina Devonshire. Axel’s wife, and a scientist who once worked for the Congressionals, but now has the antidote to their deadliest biological weapon. Trying to escape from the US, or perhaps just this movie. Casablanca-equivalent character: Victor Lazlo.
Barb Wire (1996) (part 1 of 11) Charlie Kopetski (Jack Noseworthy). Barb’s brother who was blinded in the war, and a result is totally bitter about life, and always wondering if this is a step up or a step down from starring in a Bon Jovi video. Casablanca-equivalent character: Mostly Sam, but there’s a little of Ugarte and a trace of Berger in him.
Barb Wire (1996) (part 1 of 11) Curly (Udo Kier). Head waiter in Barb’s nightclub who, like every other character played by Udo Kier, looks and sounds like a vampire. Casablanca-equivalent character: Mostly Carl, but also has traits of Sam, Signor Ferrari, and Ugarte.
Barb Wire (1996) (part 1 of 11) Chief Willis (Xander Berkeley). Chief of police in Steel Harbor who’s more than willing to take a bribe every now and then. He’s the wisecracking foil to Barb’s unrelenting stoicism, only without the wisecracks. Casablanca-equivalent character: Captain Renault, after a major clever-ectomy.
Barb Wire (1996) (part 1 of 11) Col. Pryzer (Steve Railsback). Head of the Congressional Army, which—I think anyway, correct me if I’m wrong—might, just might be somewhat modeled after the Nazis. Railsback chews every available inch of scenery, proving once again he’s the Poor Man’s Tommy Lee Jones. Casablanca-equivalent character: Major Strasser, only more Nazi-like.

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Multi-Part Article: Barb Wire (1996)

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