Barack Obama Hoarding America’s Most Precious Resource: White Lady Boobs

Barack Obama Hoarding America's Most Precious Resource: White Lady Boobs

How does it feel to be living in an unprecedented era of presidential overreach, America, one where tyrant Obama demands copies of “True Detective” and you have to slave over your television every Sunday like the peasant you are? Worse, now your African-American president Kenyan usurper saw white girl Alexandra Daddario’s boobs BEFORE YOU DID. The horror!


We’re not sure why this lady actress is celebrating this great cultural transgression, because we all know that this way lies madness and the end of civilization as we know it and if black men can see white boobs soon cats and dogs will be living together. The Daily Caller isn’t hyperventilating about this quite yet, but give them time to work themselves fully into a frothy lather over it.


If you don’t understand what all the hullabaloo is about, or just want to see white girl Alexandra Daddario’s boobs for yourself, go watch episode two of “True Detective” and have at it. Or just use the Google, because there are already approximately twelvety thousand screen caps.

Bamz just better not hope that Michelle finds out how much he loves the white lady boobs, or he will be victim of the epic side eye of FLOTUS.

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