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In this special holiday episode, we sit on the lap of the 2003 dark comedy Bad Santa, which stars Billy Bob Thornton as an embittered veteran con artist who spends his Christmases burglarize shopping malls with his short-of-stature business partner, played by Tony Cox, while in the guise of a department store Santa Claus and his helper elf. We’ll see just what makes this modern holiday classic a hilarious annual must-watch while discussing how it fits into the high-quality filmography of its director, critically acclaimed independent filmmaker Terry Zwigoff.

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  • madmanoreo

    Man, every year Bad Santa gets more depressing with John Ritter and Bernie Mac. Good stuff as usual, and very interesting backstory on it.

  • maarvarq

    I saw this for my birthday (I’m a December baby) and was greatly disappointed. I think the only time I smiled was when the kid called Lauren Graham “Mrs Santa’s sister”.