Pro Tip: Do Not Throw A Seven Deadly Sins Halloween Party With A ‘Greed Room’ Decorated With Dreidels

So let’s say you’re Living Social, one of those sad deal-a-day-site sort of thing, and your fortunes are flagging. What do you do to keep money flowing in? Throw a Halloween party at your own offices and charge people $59 a head to attend. OK, so far so boring, and doesn’t seem to really be a sustainable business model, but oh well. So then you make things a little more interesting by doing a Seven Deadly Sins kinda theme with each room as a different theme. Eh, all right. Still not that interesting. Finally, spice it up a bit by decorating your “Greed” room with…dreidels?? Really??

The greed room was described as “a shimmering room full of silver and gold” in which people “get greedy challenging friends to a plethora of games.” Decorating the tables in that room were dreidels surrounded by gold coins, according to one woman who attended.

That…that is a really bad idea for your Halloween party, Living Social people! But hey, they looked into it and “determined that the inclusion of dreidels with the other games in the gaming room was not a smart choice.”

We probably would have gone with “really fucking dumb choice” but that is why we are not a flailing/failing flash sale site. This all could have been avoided had they gone with the Happy Nice Time Halloween plan, which involves acting out only one of the Seven Deadly Sins: sloth. We really can’t get into any trouble just laying on our couch for 16 hours, so our Halloween should be relatively prejudice-free.

[Valleywag/Washington Jewish Week]

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  • Farb

    Much as you resent taking the time, you can shower before you sloth on the couch. Clean slothing is next to unambitious godlihood, .

  • stitch94133

    antisemitism, the last socially acceptable form of racism.

    • marindenver

      Not completely since at least they could be shamed into admitting they screwed up. Not so with the racism against indigenous peoples as shown by the f’d up refusal of the Washington football team to realize how racist the name Redskins is.

    • I dunno, blackface really seems to be making a late-innings comeback.