VIDEO: The Avengers: United They Stand

More like United They’re Bland, am I right?

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  • RockyDmoney

    If i was in a room with Toby, Hitler and bin linden and had a gun with two bullets. I’d shoot Toby twice

    —-Michael Scott

  • RockyDmoney

    Dude are you serious with that SW saying thing?? ALRIGHT I GOT IT!!! She’s says it alot

    • Solkir

      If I have to suffer, so does everyone else.

      • RockyDmoney

        No. Actually we dont

        • mamba

          You’re right…you can always fast-forward that part of the video. I know, crazy right? but rest assured, it works!

          My genius solutions save your mind once again, in the face of a video forcing you Clockwork-Orange style to watch it. You can thank me later. :)

          • RockyDmoney

            yeah that’s what I did smart guy. Hence my reply of “no actually we dont” but I was amazed at how far into it I had to skip ahead. And it remains head scratching as why he felt the need to put that in there for so long. 3-4 times would have gotten the point across no need for 3-4 minutes straight. See my genius idea of actually reading and comprehending would have saved you the time it took to come up with a “clever” reply

  • Gearóid

    Very very funny part about the costumes, oh my the whole thing looks so stupid and 90s influenced.
    Thank you for sharing this artistic torture and abomination really enjoyed it and the stuff you do about comics.
    I have recently got heavily into comics buying as much as i can, just anything Marvel, theres this secondhand book shop in Dublin and i have been really lucky with what i have bought there.
    I never knew Captain America could be so interesting having been into comics mostly during the 90s, but the Brubaker stuff is dynamite.
    Also the reason i am writing this besides liking your show is because i read Ultimates Last Stand with Galaktus and thought it was a game changer for me, i am an artist and what i saw in that comic made me realize there is no limit to what someone can do in the comic book genre, whatever one writes or draws so long as its done well it leaves T.V. and Film in the dust.
    Maybe i have just been out of the game too long but its the best graphic novel i have read and it really blew me away.
    Have you read it? Would you review it? Is my taste horrible?.

  • PotatoOni

    Marvel appearently doesn’t even wan’t to make money of this thing since it’s aviable as official free stream at their website.

    To be perfectly honest, that is still better than Avengers Assemble. The reason for why I’m saying that is that AA gives me a headache. The pacing is nightmarishly fast, theres constant sound (either through music or useless dialogue) and the writing in general is flat and uninteresting. While the later applies to UtS aswell it’s at the very least not a constant sensory overload.

    What is it with Marvel cartoons being always crap? I mean, there was Earths Mightiest Heros (wich everyone involved admitted was heavily inspired by JL/JLU so of course it’s gonna be good) and maybe Spectacular Spiderman but everything else from the 80s over the 90s up until today is awful in one way or another. And no, I didn’t liked the 90s X-Men cartoon. In fact, from what I’ve watched of it, X-Men Evolution was far superior from the production alone. Still not good but superior.