Author: Dr. Winston O'Boogie

The Film Crew: The Giant of Marathon (2007)

"Contrary to what some might think, being a RiffTrax affiliate does not mean I get to borrow the Tom Servo puppet on weekends to show off at parties (it would make a great keg, too). I'm just a fan like everybody else, doing what I can to keep the home riffing fires burning. And despite having a similar concept, and featuring the same people, I think there's plenty of room in this world for both RiffTrax and the Film Crew."

Razzie Predictions 2007 (Take 1)

"It's high time somebody started laying bets on which films are sure to be nominated for the Razzie Awards come early next year, and represent the worst the cinema had to offer in 2007. Which is why I've taken this first stab at putting together my own list of Razzie Predictions for 2007!"