Author: Sursum Ursa

RAW FEED: Q&A: Feminism!

Let's talk feminism, intersectionality, patriarchy, kyriarchy, and Rebel Alliance earrings.OK, we don't so much TALK about the last one. But they do feature.Today's 3 Qs:Do you think that you have ...

RAW FEED: 114: Webcomics!

Do you like free things? Me too! In this episode of Stuff You Like, Sursum Ursa is introducing (or re-introducing) you to a few of her favourites. Is this a top ten list? No, because 1. They aren't...

RAW FEED: #dearme Jill Bearup

You don't know this yet, but coping and resilience are some of your greatest strengths. And you are far stronger than you can possibly imagine.A letter to my younger self.#dearme

VIDEO: Enchanted (2007)

This episode, Ursa is truly... well... enchanted, and she's talking Disney, cynicism, magic, and why reference jokes do not a good film make. Plus, Amy Adams holds a live fish in her mouth while talking to Ariel.

VIDEO: Star Wars Episode I: the fandom medley

What does Ursa think of The Phantom Menace? Why are the Star Wars prequels in a Stuff You Like episode at all? What is Moosebutter? What is fandom? Who originated the phrase, "Jar Jar, you're a genius!" and made me believe it? And exactly what is Darths and Droids? Some of these questions will be answered in this very episode! Some are mysteries for the ages.