Author: Roland Thompson

RAW FEED: Fucking Magnets!

Oh yeah, we’re kickin’ it oldschool. Johnny Oldschool, that is.

This is a guest episode of sorts for Johnny’s series “Fucking Magnets” where he tries to fix computer problems. I’ve had some of tho…

VIDEO: 2012: The Gaming Year in Review

UPDATED with Part 2: Codeknight’s Corner! 2012 was… a year in gaming. Just another year. But there was some cool stuff that happened, and this video is about all the games Roland played this year that he didn’t already get a chance to talk about, including Spec Ops: The Line, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Tribes: Ascend, MechWarrior Online, and more!

VIDEO: Shadow Ops: Red Mercury

Presented like a popcorn summer action flick where you’re a Delta Force operative searching for a nuclear device that’s fallen into the hands of terrorists, Shadow Ops: Red Mercury‘s presentation doesn’t quite excuse its spartan gameplay. But it is pretty darn hilarious.