Author: Phil Buni

VIDEO: Invader Zim

While Zim is about an incompetent, self-centered alien who disguises himself as a schoolboy in a futile attempt to destroy the human race, and My Little Pony is about pretty ponies in a magical fantasyland learning lessons about friendship, Phil explains why they have quite a lot in common.

VIDEO: Stuck (2007)

It's the last episode of Phil Buni's second season! In honor of the occasion, Phil gets hit by a car, Trever drowns his problems in booze, and many other things happen that currently defy description. Oh yeah, and somewhere in here, Phil reviews the movie Stuck with Mena Suvari.

VIDEO: Grave Encounters (2011)

Phil Buni joins the site with a found footage horror movie that mocks bad reality TV! It's basically a better-than-expected Paranormal Activity clone, reviewed by a stoned bunny that really likes talking about people going insane a lot. Features a guest cameo from the Nostalgia Chick that's super important to the integrity of the review!