Author: Julie Kushner

The Good, The Bad, and The Drunky – HNTP Reviews the Best and Worst Fictional Watering Holes on the Small Screen

Want to enjoy all the benefits of good booze and an awesome night of bar-hopping without the inevitable hangover and humiliation that comes from poor life choices made? HNTP is here to help! We review seven of television's most notorious watering holes and help you to decide whether they are worth your hard-earned happy hour dollars.

Once Upon a Time: Sparkly Assholes Unite! (S5 E7 Recap)

This week on Once, we get to meet sexy Merlin's crazy ex girlfriend, Emma finds a spark in the most PG-13 of places, Zelena makes morons out of the entire cast for the millionth time, Arthur continues to suck royally, and all the Biggest Assholes on the Planet get together and throw a kickass rager in Emma's basement.