Author: Count Jackula

RAW FEED: PWT Godzilla 4

What is this giant box that has appeared in COUNT JACKULA’s house? Don’t worry, the other toys will figure this out? Cause it certainly isn’t GODZILLA, like it says in the title.

VIDEO: Red State (2011)

The death of Fred Phelps, leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, inspires Count Jackula to review a movie he inspired, which also happens to be the first horror movie by Kevin Smith. Will Red State starring Michael Parks have you seeing red, or will it just give you the blues?

VIDEO: Deathbed (2002)

From the Jackula archives: Count Jackula reviews Deathbed, also known as Stuart Gordon Presents Deathbed, which has no relation to that other movie he reviewed called Deathbed, because this isn’t about a bed that eats people, but rather a bed that possesses people. Watching this movie is essentially assisted suicide.