Author: Cinema Slob

RAW FEED: Good guy Rahool

Ran a quick test with a new exotic sidearm I picked up, (Trespasser) and got one blue engram to drop. It just be raining exotics in Rise Of Iron. SHAREfactory™!/en...

RAW FEED: ReZACHtion pokemon cards

Another day, another Pokémon unboxing! Though can it really be called an "unboxing" if the cards don't come in a box? These are the questions that plague my sleep deprived brain in the middle of th...

RAW FEED: ReZACHtion candied bacon

Apologies for the poor lighting on this one, kind of hard to film when your window faces west during sunset! Still, this ReZACHtion is brought to you by a very kind redditor who bought this candied...


In my first ever re-zach-tion video, I talk about my experience with Son'y Playstation VR headset. Shout out to my mom for filming me while I was locked in space combat.

RAW FEED: Fallout 4 part 5

Fuckface helps the Brotherhood of Steel eliminate some Super Mutant scum. Then, with the help of Nick Valentine, he finally solves the mystery of getting into the Institute.

RAW FEED: Fallout 4 part 4

In this episode, Fuckface finally finds the rat bastard who took his son. Needless to say, it doesn't end with hugs and puppies. Also there's a huge awesome entrance from the Brotherhood of Steel!