VIDEO: Australia (2008)

Suzie is joined by special guest stars Nick “Enigma” Gipson and AniMat to review Australia, AKA Baz Luhrmann’s Pearl Harbor! Nicole Kidman is a British aristocrat who inherits a cattle ranch in pre-World War II Australia, and Hugh Jackman is the rancher who helps her drive her cattle across the outback. Spoiler alert: They fall in love. Also, they adopt a half-white/half-Aboriginal boy who can do magic, apparently, and arrive just in time to be caught in a Japanese sneak attack.

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  • Sofie Liv

    Ah yes, I remember that bloody movie.
    I saw it in cinema with my family, both mom, dad and my sister and my god, YES it felt ungodly long, and sooo many fake fade-outs! it had more fake fad-outs than Lord of the rings 3!

    Well, here’s hope to the next Lurhman movie coming out this winther. “Bill Gatshby.” that one actually looks very interesting and a bit “Moulin rouge.” like, i’ll be looking forward to see that one.. I just hope it’s going to be good…

    • Coming this summer: Baz Luhrmann’s BILL GATSBY. The untold story of Jay’s unemployed, pot smoking, high school dropout brother.

  • MephLord

    Good to see you’re still doing reviews Blockbuster Chick.  You do watch some horrid tripe though, ever thought of something good like Blade 3 or Will Smith’s I-Robot?

    • The Blockbuster Chick

      Hmmmm, now that you mention it I have been considering doing I-Robot to showcase some of Will Smith’s GOOD movies lol.  So I may take your suggestion Russell for season 2!  Thanks so much :)

      • MephLord

        If you want to keep reviewing Nicole Kidman movies that were major flops, I’d suggest Bewitched (if you can keep your attention span turned on, it’s really quite dull), Golden Compass (ugh), or the worst Stanley Kubrick movie of all time, Eyes Wide Shut.  I think she’s a good actress, but her filmography leaves a lot to be desired.

        • The Blockbuster Chick

          Funnily enough, I kind of like Bewitched lol.  It’s silly but I think it’s alright lol.  Golden Compass as well I kind of enjoy.  But maybe Eyes Wide Shut I’ll take a look at, cheers :)

  • Jm-james

    Oh come on, you have got to have more than one fan. I’ve watched all your reviews on agonybooth. I’ve got to be your third or fourth fan. By the way this movie makes me wish the Japanese won the war.

  • Torgeaux

    I too have watched all your stuff.  Count me as a fan. I haven’t commented yet because I’ve really had nothing more to add on the movies you have thus far reviewed.  I have seen “Australia.” I too wanted to like it, but half way through it had me doing a Tom Servo shouting end! END!  I have to say I do not understand movies about Australia made by Australians.  The only one I’ve really liked is “Walkabout” and only because it had the naked Jenny Agutter in it. The story was crap.  I think you are right that Australians just can’t resist cramming every space in their movie with meaningless plot lines that go nowhere and don’t advance the story. or at least the story I’m trying to follow.

    • The Blockbuster Chick

      I appreciate your comment Torgeaux and thanks for being another fan :)  Glad we’re on the same wavelength with this “movie” lol

  • drdvdplayerhandbook

    Good Lord, what is that awful robotic looking stiff thing in the place where Nicole Kidman’s face is supposed to be?  She was a really beautiful woman, why did she purposefuly ruined her face by sticking it in hot molten plastic?

  • The Blockbuster Chick

    Thanks for your comments guys.  It’s nice to know I do have other fans out there who like my stuff lol.  And I’m glad I’m not the only one who could not believe how long this god damn movie was lol.  It was the movie that would not end! xD

  • Olaf_the_Lofty

    Thank you for posting this, Suzie. I think this is your best review yet. Nicole Kidman’s character comes over as unbearably irritating, and having Nullah (I checked the spelling on the IMDB) justify his existence by casting a magic spell on a herd of cattle is just patronising. I would recommend you try “Walkabout”, where David Gulpilil’s contribution is just as impressive but more plausible: showing the lost white children how to find water in the desert. Also, does any landscape like that really exist in Australia? It looked like something got up on a computer purely for dramatic purposes.

  • Yurifan

    A great review. You have a new fan :)