Attention School Districts: Camille Paglia Does Not Care For Your Sex-Ed Condoms And Gaydoctrination

Attention School Districts: Camille Paglia Does Not Care For Your Sex-Ed Condoms And Gaydoctrination

What ever happened to Camille Paglia?

Sometimes I worry I’m turning into old weird Camille Paglia. “YOU ARE CRIMINALIZING THE MALE ESSENCE!!!!1!” I shriek when girls go, “he whistled at me, I am malegazeraped, waah.” So it is good to know I am not turning into Camille Paglia, since she is now sexplaining why sex ed should be more prude.

What does Camille Paglia have to say in her bizarrely mistitled “Put the Sex Back in Sex Ed”? Blah blah blah, genders should be separated for sex ed (fine); girls should know they have more to lose from casual sex than boys (ehhhhhhhhh, maybe fuck you?, but okay, “disagree”); girls need “life-planning advice” on making the decision about whether to focus on their job early or late, pre- or post-kids (shut the fuck up Camille Paglia) because that is a good kind of life-planning advice, but no condoms at schools and also no gay stuff at schools and no explanation of sexual pleasure at schools and no “political” anti-bullying campaigns at schools and no too much secular libertinism at schools and WHAT EVEN THE FUCK CAMILLE PAGLIA????


Camille Paglia, I say this as a woman who worries about turning into a bizarre old contrarian such as yourself, and no longer worries about that thank you: your brain has turned to blancmange.

Let’s go to the blockquote!

Sex education has triggered recurrent controversy, partly because it is seen by religious conservatives as an instrument of secular cultural imperialism, undermining moral values. It’s time for liberals to admit that there is some truth to this and that public schools should not promulgate any ideology. The liberal response to conservatives’ demand for abstinence-only sex education has been to condemn the imposition of “fear and shame” on young people. But perhaps a bit more self-preserving fear and shame might be helpful in today’s hedonistic, media-saturated environment.

Incorrect, Camille Paglia! The liberal response to conservatives’ calls for abstinence programs has been to point out that they do not work. Camille Paglia, would you care to discuss abstinence programs’ success rates (if you define “success” as “girls not getting pregnant or STDs”)? Oh you wouldn’t, and do not care to mention it? Okay, we will give you a hint: you are full of shit.

In my day, says Camille Paglia, we were slutty sluttersons, rebelling against THE MAN, but the girls today do not know how to be slutty sluttersons, and cannot negotiate sexual attention, because “millennials” I guess?

My generation of baby-boom girls boldly rebelled against the cult of virginity of the Doris Day 1950s, but we left chaos in our wake. Young people are now bombarded prematurely with sexual images and messages. Adolescent girls, routinely dressing in seductive ways, are ill-prepared to negotiate the sexual attention they attract. Sex education has become incoherent because of its own sprawling agenda.

You know WHAT ELSE has become incoherent, Camille Paglia? No. You probably don’t.

Anything else, Camille Paglia? Oh, condoms are good, but schools should not give out condoms, and sex hygienists should come and teach the little children about STDs but they should not talk about ‘batin’ or oral sex, but they should answer questions if the children ask them about masturbation and oral sex, word word word. Let us read your final pronouncement, together.

Similarly, public schools have no business listing the varieties of sexual gratification, from masturbation to oral and anal sex, although health educators should nonjudgmentally answer student questions about the health implications of such practices. The issue of homosexuality is a charged one. In my view, antibullying campaigns, however laudable, should not stray into political endorsement of homosexuality or gay rights causes. While students must be free to create gay-identified groups, the schools themselves should remain neutral and allow society to evolve on its own.

And curtain. Camille Paglia, that is the most incoherent slop of “assessment” and “analysis” and “bossing people about how to do sex ed” that we have seen since Bristol Palin stopped being Candie’s abstinence spokesmodel. (We have no idea if Bristol is still Candie’s abstinence spokesmodel.)


To recap: Camille Paglia wants schools to boss girls about having babies early, but schools should be “neutral” and “allow society to evolve” when discussing whether or not children should bully a child until he hangs himself by the neck until dead. Sex educators should not be so libertine, but should load more shame and fear onto children because Camille Paglia was a slutty teen boomer, and even though abstinence education has miserable results, liberals should listen to conservatives anyway, because. Sex educators should not tell children about sexual pleasure, but magically kids will just ask anyway, even though the lesson is about, like, the Herp. Camille Paglia has holes in her brain from Mad Cow Disease, which is not, to our knowledge, sexually transmitted.

Vox, are you looking for an anti-feminist feminist, to go with your anti-gay gay? How about an unfortunate vegetable — metaphorically? Oh, that was mean. I’m … no I’m not.


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