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Sofie takes a look at Attack on Titan, an anime she hadn’t seen before she made her top ten list, though, she probably should have. Mind… blown…

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  • Here is a statement no one else will say, “This movie reminded me of Starship Troopers, because of the huge melee oriented opponents pitted against small and very killable protagonists who start off young and typical but then become hardened by their families dying and going through an intensive military training.”

    • Sofie Liv

      It’s not a movie but an animated series..

      But yes, yes that does sound alike.

  • drumstick00m

    Sofie, I like FMA 2003 better than Brotherhood. When you say you dislike the ending are you talking about the Conqueror of Shambala or the actual Episode 52 ending? Reason I like 2003 more: Sloth, cinematography (lighting), the cast does not constantly tell me how great friendship is (they just show me). Do not mind events of Episode 52. Brotherhood is great, just more formulaic and that bothers me, though I do love General Armstrong and the people of Xing…

    • Sofie Liv

      I do feel that FMA 03 was very problematic for a lot of different reasons.

      For one thing, it was obvious that it was made before the Manga was even finished, so the people making the series had no idea where it was going, thus it ended up becoming very fragmented and had a lot of side-stories that had really nothing to do with the main story, such a thing we normally call. “Fillers.”

      Also because it had no idea where it was going, did many ideals clash, most particularly the ending where the main character tried to use Necromancy… again.. even though the entire POINT of the series is that such a thing is a “No can’t do.” and you’ll have to pay a severe price for even attempting that.

      Where-as FMA Brotherhood, knew exactly where it was going and what message it wanted to get across, it went there skill-fully and without side-quest.

      The ending here is that “The All father.” is the one whom dabbled into things he really shouldn’t, and now was it merely his turn to pay his price in equelliant exchange.

      Edwards resolution to get Alphonse back was also a very important point, showing his entire growth through-out the entire series.

      To get Alphonse back, Edward had to guy some kind of a price, the Philophosers stone was available to him, in many forms even.. and Edward from earlier in the series, would just have taken the oppertunity and used the stone.

      But this Edward knows better, and knows that merely using the stone would be paying a price, and that is a price he is not willing to pay, so he choose a second option, to pay with his Alchemy gate instead, stating that he doesn’t really need it, that thing is not what is important. That he stay true to himself and his ideals, is way more important, which means. not using the stone.

      It shows growth and the ending of his story arch as a character.

      The FMA 03 had no such points, by the end Edward had learned nothing, he still tried to same thing as back when he was eleven, except this time, he was lucky enough that it worked.
      So well, I guess the message here is. “Well, if you try enough times, maybe you’ll get lucky!”

      Again, the FMA 03 is actually not a bad show, it has the good characters, interesting univers and so on.

      But FMA Brotherhood is way more intense and way more out-spoken, it knows what it wants, and goes there without hesitation, having a clear line and a clear meaning with every-thing that happens.. unlike FMA 03 that relies a lot on those filler episodes that doesn’t mean any-thing to the main plot. So, well.. it’s entertaining but not out-standing.

      • drumstick00m

        Credit where credit is due, you and one other have convinced me to switch teams as it were in this debate on FMA. Thanks, because few others could give great reasons.

        • Sofie Liv

          Woho! i’m clever!

          Also on a more basic level, Brotherhood just had bigger reactions coming out of me, I thought some of those scenes were freaking intense and had me gasp in shock, while I lost myself into the show.

          FMA 03 never really got that far in my own book..

          But well, that has all to do with how I exsperienced the series, and there is no right nor wrong in that regard, it’s just peoples individual viewing exsperience, and no one can change that, how you exsperienced watching it.

          Not it wall the arguments in the world, can any-one change, your exsperience of viewing some-thing.

          • drumstick00m

            I still think they are both good, but been doing some re-thinking because finally found people online and offline talking about them both thematically in depth and detail over “I like that there is more Greed.”

          • Sofie Liv

            Well know the feeling. “Harry Potter should have more Malfoy.” “Why??? I think he filled out his plot purpose pretty through-outly.” “He is hot!” “.. -_-;”

            As I said, the first show wasn’t bad.. just very problematic in my book.

            And well, I want to give credit where Credit is due! I think there is actually one aspect 03 did better than Brotherhood!

            Maes Hughes! that we got to spend a lot more time with him, and saw him actually being professional in action as well as a family father, so we really grew familiar with him as a person, did make his death much more touching as a viewer!

            How-ever, after that Brotherhood kind of wins again.

            Because.. as 03 had no idea where it was going with its plot, Hughes death ended up mattering little to nothing in the long run, and was just.. sort of there. Sad yes, but didn’t impact the story to much.

            In the Brotherhood series though, his death is the cataclyst of an entire series of events, linking directly back to his death. Most noticable is Roy Mustangs burning obsession about punishing who-ever killed Hughes, and becomes his sole reason for a lot of the stupid, rush-headed things, he end up doing.

            And of cause, leads up to the final point where Roy must proof he is the better man, by not killing the defencless monster, because it was.. defenseless at that point, and if he had gone through with it like that, he wouldn’t have been a soldier but a murderer, the very thing he was trying to hunt down.

            And all of that, links to the fact that Hughes is dead, plus up the over-all theme even more about, dead is dead, and you can’t bring it back.
            Sure they talk about it more in 03, but they never actually use it in the plot, unlike Brotherhood, where they don’t talk so much, as just show the events of playing with life and dead like that, and what that leads to.

            And i’m rambling again.. sorry.

          • jjramsey

            “Roy Mustangs burning obsession”

            I see what you did there.

          • drumstick00m

            Know this is a late comment, however, best version of FMA: the comics. We do spend a lot of time with Hughes, and the art just fits comics better. The comics are also organized thusly: main story, filler shorts (Fullmetal vs Flame, Riza’s dog) at end of each trade.

            Just discovered the comics now is why this post is so late.

          • danbreunig

            “there is no right nor wrong in that regard, it’s just peoples individual
            viewing exsperience, and no one can change that, how you exsperienced
            watching it…

            *Not it wall the arguments in the world, can any-one change, your exsperience of viewing some-thing.*”

            Preach it, Sister Sofie!

  • Gallen_Dugall

    ..and it’s on the free side of Hulu. Good enough for me – it’s in my queue

    • Sofie Liv

      cool :)

      • Gallen_Dugall

        okay three episodes in and while there is lots of death the actual on screen gore is kept to a minimum which is very refreshing – great recommendation, thanks

        • Sofie Liv

          I’m glad that you are enjoying ^^

  • Thomas Stockel

    I won’t deny that this show’s production values are awesome, but I am such a thoroughly squeamish person, a self-admitted wuss where horror movies are concerned, that I decided the show simply was not for me.

    • I would go so far as to say gore is a selling point, it is as if Paul Verhoeven were a creative consultant.

      As an example: a woman calls out to the returning soldiers, asking where her son is, and they giver her a severed arm, the only thing left of the guy. I laughed out loud, but I can see how other people might have a different reaction.

      • Sofie Liv

        I think the best moment is when they just graduated as soldiers and Eren tells his team.

        “Today it starts! Today we will begin to fight back!” and litterately the moment after the colosal titan appears in behind his back to kick a new hole in the wall, and as result, every-body in his team, except himself and Armin dies…

        It’s right up there with Sayaka in Puella Magi Madoka shouting.
        “This is the best decision I ever made, I am never going to regret this!”
        Or well, Mami in the same series, saying. “Finally! I regained my lust for life, today! I am starting to life again!” … guess what happens to her around five minutes after..

        • danbreunig

          Just as ironic as Gollum dying ten seconds after regaining the One Ring he spent nearly a century looking for.

          • Sofie Liv

            Well.. at least Gollum had his ten seconds of happiness and did in fact, full-fill his lifes goal.

            Erens Team, Sayaka and Mami how-ever.. not so much.

            “This is the best decision ever. I am NEVER going to regret this!” …..
            Let me put it this way.. only thing that happened to Mami was that she died.. she was the lucky one.

  • danbreunig

    I’ve gone through this video and I have to say: this show looks pretty damn cool. Maybe it’s just how you describe it, but this sounds especially dark even for a genre assumed for soul-wrenching darkness in themes and tones. Even though the themes were shown time and time again in various other shows, it still looks like this series keeps those themes (small rebellion, ill-defined oppressors, reasons why we fight, live, struggle, how we collectively and individually deal with events) fresh, like you say.

    Now, having said that, I probably won’t watch it because of this:

    “Guys…I can’t watch everything you want me to.” You and I both.

    This is why I haven’t kept up with all these widely-beloved animes and other series, even the best ones recently playing. As of now I’ve seen a couple episodes of One Piece and a few 2005-series Doctor Who, but I know I won’t watch these series outright anytime soon–NOT because I think they’re bad, I really did enjoy the ones I saw–but because I can’t afford to digest eight or fifteen years’ worth of a show in just a month or two–especially when they haven’t officially ended. There were/are several well-beloved shows I have to pass up just because there’s too much to take in within short time–really too much of a good thing. So it’s not that I’m ignoring these recommendations from whoever tells me “these are great, check them out”– it’s just so overwhelming to stay current, and then it’s disappointing to not quite keep up. I’m really not trying to complain, this is just matter-of-fact for me; excuse my venting.

    But I’ll also throw in a huge positive: I checked out the Deutsch theme (“they are the food [prey] and we are the Hunters”) and it’s a pretty freaking awesome call to arms. Sounds like a big mix of Basil Poledouris, Hoyt Curtain (in his more serious work), Alan Parsons, and Rammstein.

    Off-subject: stick with the hats; they’re so you. :) Also nice to see a throwback to the old AB logo at the end.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, thus far it’s only twenty-five episodes of twenty minutes each.. it’s not the worst thing you can begin watching.

      Ehehe, well.. one piece and Doctor who are two freaking huuuuuge series, so you have to be really taken in by those to finish them.

      I was taken in by them, but I don’t exspect others two, the truth even is.. I wasn’t really taken in by One piece the first time I saw it years ago, it didn’t catch me.

      It was first years after, as I Was stuck in bed with a crick in my back, and nothing to do but watch stuff, that I decided to give it a second go, and got really, really caught up in it, and now can’t let go. so yeah.

      And yeah, love that they mix german into the japaneese song lyrics to the opening of this show. I do recognise the German sentences in it X)

      I love those tunes, I have the full versions on my computer :D

      I do like hats.. hats are awesome.

  • Gallen_Dugall

    a few thoughts now that I’ve watched some. First the whole thing about everybody competing to get sent to the rear reminds me unpleasantly of my service in the Navy where I was forward deployed (on a class of ship generally considered a death trap) almost my entire time in because I was bottom of my class (frankly I was awful and had a bad attitude), and how during those years everyone around me schemed to get a transfer to a desk job. So, yes, putting the worst people out front as cannon fodder is a thing that happens. Second I’ve read this compared to Starship Troopers and while the essence of military fiction is similar due to the fact that this is the same sort of military story, I’d say it is closer to “War Against the Chtorr” as a hopeless struggle against a mysterious invader driving humanity out of the environment, similarly learning about the invaders is the core story, also the near unkillability of the antagonists is very similar. Lastly it really does stand on its own in terms of the characters, as Sofie says in the video, incredibly believable. Much like Saving Private Ryan there is a great deal of attention paid to authenticity (fortunately much of the gore is kept off screen) and there are plenty of moments of horrific insanity that ring true and which probably originated from anecdotal war stories or official combat reports.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well.. I have never been in the army in any compacity what-so ever.. so I wouldn’t know.

      But it makes sense to me it would work like that, the people with the best grades and the best performances gets all of the perks.

      And those whom are below average gets nothing.. :/

      “Chtorr?” … sounds strange, how are you even supposed to pronounce that? is it an Anime or where does such a weird word come from.

      And yeah definetely, the disturb moments do come more from how the humans reacts than any gore.. or you know.. the fact that you watch people you kind of liked dying.

      I do think though, the moment that disturbed me the most personally.. and you have probably not watched so far, so this is complete spoiler territory.

      Doing the second attack from the Titans on the wall, as Eren and the others are fighting, one of the Captains of the Rose guard goes compleately NUT-BUNNIES! He is clearly scared shit-less, but as a result starts to shout ridicoules orders left and right, and even threatens to shoot the men whom doesn’t follow these ridicoulus orders he is coming up with.. and he actually does, he has a gun up their throat.

      Holy shit! Relax dude, I thought you were a trained soldier.. how the hell did you ever make Captain oO;

      But I guess it is sort of believable, and hot damn.. that creeped me out.

      • Gallen_Dugall

        And it makes a certain sense not to put your best people into the field where you could lose them, but if you’re the one playing human mine sweeper, like they had us doing in Port Au Prince Harbor, you tend to take a very dim view of the chain of command and its decisions.

        War Against The Chtorr is a series of books. I never read them but I did play the GURPS pen and paper role playing game way back when. The Chtorr were an entire invasive ecology most of which wasn’t a problem, but the big ones pretty much only ate humans and were a lot like the Titans – if the titans were big red caterpillar bugs.

        Officers going “temporarily” crazy and getting people killed is horrifically common in wartime. Mostly it didn’t get documented until the US “Civil War” and the first World War. The HBO mini series Band of Brothers presents a couple of real world incidents associated with EZ Company during the second World War specifically officers who panic and make really bad decisions or no decisions (Sobel and Dike) and those who just break due to the pressures of command. The fact that people at the top tend not to look at the lives under their command as people at all (probably as a coping mechanism) tends to make things worse.

        In spite of popular opinion humans are not very good at war. There is a saying “Wars are won by those who blunder least.”

        • Sofie Liv

          Well. I said I could imagine that it works like that.. I didn’t say that it was a good idea.

          Believe me I hate how the world works like that, the people whom behave like society wants it to. Get good school-grades because their heads work well for the school-system, is exemplary and just like society wants them to behave.

          They get all the perks.

          A person like me how-ever, whom had sucky grades in school, not because I am stupid, but just because this school system doesn’t work for me. I get to be pushed around and shouted at from the goverment. Yay -_-;
          And as for military, I can imagine it’s the same sort of way… the most ironic thing probably being, that the really skilled people whom elects the battlefield and gets all of the exsperience and skill. Probably will be placed behind desk sooner or later :/
          Lots of places are like that.

          What happens to the legend in the company?

          Do they get to go out and do what they do best?

          No… they are placed behind a desk.

          May I just say, I am pretty glad we are terrible at war.

          It means war actually comes unnatural to us and we don’t want to kill hords of people.

          • Gallen_Dugall

            It’s ironically reassuring. Research done during the world wars shows that the majority of soldiers in a given battle won’t shoot at other humans, even at the cost of their own lives. Then we learned about desensitization training.


          • Sofie Liv

            Well, unfortunately hummantiy does have their single standout psychopaths.

            And the trouble about psykopaths is that the only thing that doesn’t work in their head, is their power to empathise with other human beings or grasp that other humans/animals what-ever, have feelings. Their brain centre called “feeling.” just doesn’t work probably.

            But aside from that, the common thing among psykopaths are that they will be

            A; very charismatic B; very very intelligent.

            So they often get to leader positions such as this, because they seem like such great leaders (And in some ways they even are.) but they will still be.. you know.. nuts.

            And that’s why so many nutty people sits with the power, just look at the US tea Party.. BADUM TCH!

            on a side note, I know no one in the US tea-party, so I wouldn’t know if any of them have mental illness’s
            I just know that psycopaths in power positions is more common than you think, and i’ve met a couple of psycopaths doing, due to my dads job. So I know the main ways of how they work.

          • Gallen_Dugall

            It’s been my experience that most people don’t have a clue as to what the US Tea Party was actually about, or that it hasn’t been around in any serious form in six years. It was an anti-corruption & reform movement focused on the Republican party. That all. People were sick of the Republican party campaigning on issues one way and then doing whatever best lined their pockets once in power.
            I went to one of the early rallies. Their commitment to reform was real but too shallow. It wasn’t hard to see that they didn’t understand the depth of the problem. So they were easy targets for propaganda branding them as ignorant rednecks, radicals and racists. Every picture you’ve likely seen of the rallies was staged anti-Tea Party propaganda – mostly the rallies were quiet meets in coffee shops. Eventually their commitment to reform did prove too shallow, most simply gave up (bullied into silence) and they stopped existing entirely two years ago when Republicans sent in armed goons to take over FreedomWorks – the main website. What’s left is a puppet organization that exists purely as a useful scapegoat for stuff like the current battle over slush funds that is being called “The Government Shutdown”.

          • Sofie Liv

            well I.. I think I have enough in Danish politics and the rough basics of US.. I’ll.. just go to my corner now.

          • Gallen_Dugall

            there is little that is more depressing than politics

  • Alexa

    I love this series! I think the best way to describe it, that I came up with, is that its a mix between Pacific Rim, Game of Thrones, and Day of the Dead. Again this is how I feel it is similar to. Beyond that, its a interesting as hell, and I hope for much more in the future, and I could listen to its opening themes like 20 times in a row and never tire of them…

    • Sofie Liv

      A shame the show actually ended, you have to follow the manga now to find out how it ends..
      Hopefully they pick it up again in a year or so, you know.. as the Manga has gone on for a little longer and the show isn’t so close to catching up to it :/

      • Alexa

        Yeah now I have to resist the urge to read the manga, because I want to watch the story to beautifully continue in its anime form. Fingers crossed for more :)

        • Sofie Liv

          I’ve must admit.. i’ve read the manga to follow up on the story.

          And well.. more questions asked and none answered.. dammit all :(
          But yeah, it’s really good. I’m surprised at how rough the drawing style of the Manga actually is.. but it works for this story and is still vrey engaging.

          I don’t know how big “Attack on Titan.” is in Japan.. I just know that it’s the new Big thing here in the western countries.

          But funny enough, just because it’s a big thing here, doesn’t mean that it’s as big in Japan.

          How-ever, it is a very very common thing for Japan to pick up unfinished shows and finish them later on.

          Just look at Inuyasha where “The final chapter.” came out last year, almost a decade after the original anime ended.

          It’s an entirely different buisness model in Japan making animes, unlike here in the western countries, where ones a show is cancelled, it usually stays that way, and it’s done buisness.

          With animes how-ever? no.. not neccesarily. And if the anime was just a okay success and sells it’s merchandise.. they love to return to it and make a prettier re-boot.

          Just like the made “Hellsing Ultimate.” “FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood.” and the two animated Death note movies.

          Which all have that in common that they are merely going back to re-tell an all-ready finished anime.

          Hellsing Ultimate is just hellsing over again, with prettier animation. The animated Death movies are just an abridged version of the show.

          So yeah, i’m hopefull, that they’ll pick attack on Titan up again in a year or so, especially since the last episode didn’t feel like an ending.

          And well, if they do pick it up.. IT MEANS NEW OPENING THEME! and thus far the two priorly ROCKED! so woho, new track for my Itunes play-list :3

          • Oliver Thiele

            Actually, Hellsing Ultimate is a straight adaption of each volume of the manga (OVA 1 = Volume 1 etc.) and is a much more faithful than the TV series, when there were only a few volumes of the manga out at that time. I haven’t seen FMAB or FMA for that matter, but I hear that FMAB is supposed to be a straight adaption of the manga as well.
            Maybe I just misinterpreted your comment “just hellsing over again” incorrectly, but if not, hope it cleared something up.

          • Sofie Liv

            no you are right, FMAB is also wayyyy closer to the manga than FMA which was made before the manga was even finished.

            And personally, I find FMAB way superior.

            But I am just pointing stuff out, things are working differently in Japan when it comes to make television.

      • danbreunig

        I read elsewhere that it may not be fully over; they just wrapped up season 1 with plans for season 2. Already that’s proof it’s a hit. I don’t know anything about the mangas though–I’ve never owned a manga in my life.

        That would actually be good news for me if it was only the 25-odd episodes–then I’d have a chance to watch it all in one shot and keep current about it without losing any sleep over it (figuratively and literally). I already over-explained this in the other post… -,-

        Oftentimes I’d rather enjoy a great show that’s lasted only one year or season and basked in greatness, than become restless with a show great in its first year or two, then getting stale in the third, and then stretch out for another five to twenty years.

        Closure pays.