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Mr. Mendo teams up with the Film Renegado, master of Mexican cinema, to review Atlético San Pancho, AKA Never Too Young to Dream, a Bad News Bears-style tribute to peewee soccer. In this movie, a ragtag group of kids has the seemingly impossible dream to win the big soccer championship. Will they succeed? Have you seen a sports movie before?

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  • Michael A. Novelli

    I’m back, baby!

  • Sofie Liv

    And thus the cross-overs for the new year is starting.
    A solid start indeed Mendo, a solid start indeed. Let the better reviewer win with the best cross-overs B)

    I got stuff planned, oh yeas I do. Enjoyed the video! :D

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Yes, may the best critical crossover-getter win!

      • Sofie Liv

        Challenge accepted!

        You know, people has been asking about us making another one at some time.. I say we talk about it around *Looks at my schedule.*.. Fall.. October or something like that.

        But you better be prepared, I got some really good ones lined up!

        • I’ll help you Sofie! That if you do wanna make a crossover with me of course XD

          • Michael A. Novelli

            I like the sound of that!

          • Sofie Liv

            Sweet, you are hereby officially written down for people I can go bother in the future about cross-overs XD

  • DrWheelz

    So, Mendo, what made you think that the cow could have had such an oddly specific backstory?

    Particularly since the cow, by virtue of being a cow, was a woman.

    Lessbo cow?


    • Michael A. Novelli

      I’d like to think the cow was genderqueer and self-indentified as a bull…

      • DrWheelz

        Steers and queers?

        • Wait…does that mean the cow from Barnyard is also genderqueer?

          • Michael A. Novelli

            Well, they are “male” characters who distinctly have udders…

  • Gasmaskangel

    That was good. There is just something so satisfying about idiotic kids movies being torn down. Primarily because it’s possible to make a good kids movie but very few people seem to want to make the effort.

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Especially since the genre this is a kiddie version of is also incredibly paint by numbers…

      • Gasmaskangel

        One of my favorite South Park episodes is the one where they parody these kind of movies, and then in the end the kindergarten hockey team Stan’s coaching goes up against the Red Wings and of course get mercilessly curb stomped, and then the little kid with cancer dies.

    • Why make something good when you have something awful established that people will watch?
      That’s the way of thinking of most filmmakers nowadays. It saddens me that in this case, it was a Mexican who fell for doing that.

      • Gasmaskangel

        I’m probably going to regret asking this, but you wouldn’t happen to know how much money this horrible smelly dog of a movie made?

        I have a horrible feeling it was a lot. Please prove me wrong.

        • Michael A. Novelli

          Well, I’ve spent the better part of an hour looking and I can’t seem to find the box office gross…


          • I’m having the same problem, and I’m searching in spanish XD, either they’re very embarassed about it, or didn’t make it back

          • Michael A. Novelli

            A Mexican Pluto Nash, maybe?

          • Concerned

            Please, don’t give Hollywood ideas.

          • Michael A. Novelli

            Are you kidding? I’m amazed they haven’t thought of it already!

        • Couldn’t find the budget, but trust me, getting futbol pros to act in a film is pretty expensive, not so sure about the TV commentators tough…

 Here’s an article on which the producer talks about the film for a bit.

          Extract from the article:
          – Was there a movie which dissapointed you?

          “I’d rather say it hurt, for example Atlético San Pancho, it was 9 P.M. on friday (opening night) and you could see nobody was coming, even tough we saw it as a cute movie for children. It was terribly frustrating”

  • Cristiona

    Mmm… movie-by-checklist!

  • Heh, I forgot to mention, this movie has a lot of real life futbol pros in cameos, hell, also commentarists, in one of the scenes before the big game, they appear on TV, on a show and a channel that ACTUALLY exist in Mexico. It’s like they wanted to make this look as realistic as possible, but failed because of the stereotypical story and characters

    • Michael A. Novelli

      That’s incredibly depressing…

  • Mike


    All the luchadore movies ever made, and you ‘review’ this thing.

    *starts loading shotgun*

    • Duuuuuude XD, don’t kill me, shoot Mendo! He’s the one who suggested it! xD

  • Tim

    I’m just glad one of the kids wasn’t a Memin Pinquin stereotype. Dead Kennedys song! Yeah! Y’all were stretching it, showing all of the times that the Coca Cola brand was shown. It was on the ball that was stuck to the cow horn. As soon as we saw that and you made it clear that that thing was never coming off, well, it was a given that the cow was a Coke ad.

    • They try to explain it saying the tournament (in the film) is sponsored by Coca-cola.

      BTW, you’ve heard of Memín Pinguín? Dios Mío that is something I wish I didn’t know, or that it didn’t exist at all. Why does it have to be mexican, WHYYYY?

      • Michael A. Novelli

        Because…the Kool Aid Man is red?

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Dead Kennedys are always good! I think I’ve featured them on my show more than any other band…