RAW FEED: Ask Nycea [PART TWO] Art, Influences and Bronies

Part twooooooo 1.) What do I do for a living? 2.) What made you want to do youtube videos? 3.) Where do I send fan art? 4.) How do I feel about my time being overweight? 5.) Who are my artistic influences? 6.) What do I think about Bronies? 7.) New Godzilla? 8.) Will I do a Draw My Life? 9.) Graduation anxiety! What do I do!?

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  • danbreunig

    Thanks for really opening up here, Magdalen. I think I finally know now what makes Nycea tick. :)
    Since we’re talking about artwork among other topics, I have a practical question for you.

    Up until now I’ve been practicing drawing and wannabe cartooning with just pencil/black marker/colored pencils, and later adding text by scanning and using Microsoft Paint to overlay the words on my pictures. Very homemade and old-fashioned, not because I’m old-fashioned but because I’m cheap. I’ve never had any digital art programs or digital drawing devices–I don’t even have Photoshop or the like–and I don’t have a smartphone or laptop to do any drawings on, just a PC with scanner and real paper. I want to move up to digital art, at least for initial drawing and editing, which I can’t do with my pre-existing pencil drawings. Part of the drawing I want to do would involve making stock images, like animation without animating anything (i.e. backgrounds). With these limitations, what do you recommend to a newcomer to invest in? Hefty question I know, but I want to ask someone in the know.

    I may as well add I had a fanart idea for your last contest during PGSM Summaries and just didn’t have time.

    • jjramsey

      If money is tight, the GIMP may be a decent choice. (And yes, it is available for Windows, even if its web page doesn’t make that as obvious as it could.) It should at least make adding text easier, especially since recent versions allow for re-editable text boxes and even having a mix of bold, italic, and normal text in a single text box, which is useful if you are doing word balloons for dialog. GIMP is no Photoshop, but it is fairly powerful, and you can always “graduate” to something more professional as you get more comfortable with digital artwork. (From what I can tell as a decided non-professional, the main professional feature of Photoshop that isn’t in many cheaper tools is color calibration that ensures that what’s on screen is the same as what is printed on whatever press your print shop uses.)

      Also, this bit is a bit too pessimistic:

      I want to move up to digital art, at least for initial drawing and
      editing, which I can’t do with my pre-existing pencil drawings.

      You could, for example, scan in a pencil drawing as a layer in GIMP (or some other application), and then add another layer on top where you can use a graphics tablet to draw “ink” lines that use the pencil drawing as guidelines. Then you can make the pencil layer invisible when you are done with it, leaving only the ink layer and a white background. You can also add color as a separate layer, text as another set of layers, etc.

      • danbreunig

        I’ve checked out the site up there that you’re talking about–sorry that it’s taken me this long to respond. And wow, that’s much more technical than I anticipated. I imagine anything digitally artistic would be, though. I’m asking around because of some decent sized home art projects I’m working on and my own hand-drawing isn’t cutting it anymore. I know there will be an investment somewhere in the process–definitely an additional hard-drive for all the things I want to make–so I’m exploring options. I appreciate the advice and service suggestion, so thanks JJRamsey.