RAW FEED: Ask Nycea - James Bond and Star Trek

Questions: What do you think of James Bond? What did I think about the new Star Trek reboot?

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  • $36060516

    Your comments on James Bond make sense to me. I enjoyed them as a child, have a memory of going to a James Bond film festival with my (male) friends, but stopped watching the movies after one Pierce Brosnan film, and when the older ones come on TV they are boring to me other than the exotic locations. Do you like spy action stories if they involve women, such as the”Femme Nikita” series (either one — I enjoyed the first one with Peta Wilson as Nikita, haven’t watched the new one) or “The Avengers” with Diana Rigg? Or does the entire genre bore even with a female role of importance?

    Glad you didn’t have a painful birth experience — giving birth is something that would wipe that smug look off of James Bond’s face!

  • Jason Withrow

    Bond’s got “boy thing” written all over it, and it’s got women problems a mile deep. Some of the earliest films have Bond being outright abusive. I’ve heard “The Spy Who Loved Me” described as “James Bond Learns To Stop Being a Pig” and while that may be true, stopping Bond from being an ass to uninteresting and unimportant female characters still leaves the issue of uninteresting and unimportant female characters. Michelle Yeoh got to play the Generic Action Star thing in Tomorrow Never Dies, and she’s done that before, so while she was uninteresting, it was at least in the same way “summer movie” way Brosnan was? That’s about as good as it got pre-reboot, off the top of my head.

    For what it’s worth, Naomi Harris and Judi Dench in Skyfall are fantastic, and the movie itself is fantastic, but it’s still a Bond movie, and not outright failing with its female characters doesn’t necessarily give it a wider appeal. Still highly recommended, but from what you’ve said about your tastes here, you probably don’t need to go out of your way to see it.

    I’m surprised how uninterested I am in Star Trek 12, and judging by the numbers, so are a lot of people. How do you build a buzz that brings people in droves for one film but makes them shrug off the sequel before the reviews even come in?