Arrow RECAP: The Arsenal and Canary Show (S3:E11)

Previously on Arrow: Felicity refuses to help Ray be a vigilante, Black Canary is back in action under new management, Danny Brickwell is going to take over the Glades, and Tatsu and Maseo brought Oliver back to life.

The open is a rehashing of Felicity being terrified of Oliver losing to Ra’s—or winning but refusing to kill Ra’s. Except in this version, Oliver agrees to stay and kisses Felicity…

Fan service.

…but Ollie then starts bleeding from the mouth due to the sword protruding from his abdomen. And that’s Oliver’s nightmare, not Felicity’s; he’s still in Tatsu’s cabin after being resurrected. Except no, according to Tatsu, he wasn’t dead, the snow/cold kept him alive (not buying it), and she’s just treating him. SIGH.

Just put some ice on it.

Just put some ice on it.

Oliver’s big beef here, though, is that he didn’t know Maseo and Tatsu were in contact. Tatsu says they are not, as Maseo comes in and helps Oliver back to bed. But Maseo’s leaving soon, even though Ra’s is going to be awfully pissed if he discovers Maseo nursed his foe back to health. Maseo thinks Oliver should be worried about Starling City, not him. Seriously? He’s been gone less than a week!

In Starling City, a girl is being chased down an alley by a dude who probably wants to rape her, but they’re interrupted by Black Canary, who does distract the guy long enough for the near-victim to escape. But the new Canary is still not up to Sara’s fighting standards and is doing a poor job of dodging the baddie’s knife. Luckily Arsenal is lurking, too, and he shoots the knife from baddie’s hand and finishes the fight quickly. He thinks he and Canary need to talk.

A man to the rescue

Back in the cave, Roy sews up Laurel’s knife wound, adequately if not gracefully. Laurel asks where Felicity is (she’s better at suturing), but Roy sidesteps the question for a lecture, which John wholeheartedly endorses when he arrives. But Laurel says bad guys fear the Canary as much as the Arrow, and the city needs the symbol, even if she isn’t Sara.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity is sulking at her desk when Ray arrives, apparently early. They have a meeting with Mayor Castle that he’s moving up, because it’s important they discuss Brick and the sudden influx of murderous criminals back into the city. Felicity hopes that the meeting is going to be about Ray giving money, and not Ray defending the city in an Iron Man suit that shoots lasers. Ray’s problem with that statement is that his dwarf star alloy-powered suit will not shoot lasers, obviously. She is still not interested in helping him fix the compressed hard light beams that are not lasers.


Thea gets to Verdant early to find her weird DJ, Chase, already there. Suspicious. He claims he was leaving his DJ gear in the club because shit keeps getting stolen with Brick’s henchmen running around everywhere. Chase wants to know if they’re cool after they kissed. Thea is not interested in kissing him right there, but doesn’t sound totally put off when she says she’ll see him later.

Making out with your employees is always a good idea

Making out with your employees is always a good idea

DJ Chase takes off, and Malcolm pulls up in a limo. He’s doing a great job of laying low, isn’t he? He’s pissed that Thea isn’t packing to leave the city, but Thea can’t leave without knowing where Oliver is. Plus, Malcolm didn’t exactly tell her why she had to leave. Malcolm continues to be weird and cryptic, insisting that they’re in nonspecific danger and it’s growing. Thea still refuses without the truth, and Roy steps out from behind a building to watch Malcolm pull away.

Quentin and Laurel are apparently going to the same meeting that Ray and Felicity are, and Quentin asks if Laurel has heard from Sara, because rumor is Canary is back in town. Before she can make something up, the meeting begins, expositing that Brick’s men have been on a crime spree “like nothing since Al Capone.”

Behold the excitement of committee meetings!

Behold the excitement of committee meetings!

An alderman wants to know why they don’t just arrest Brick. Quentin tells us that they tried, and most of the team they sent in is in the hospital. But with more men, a.k.a. more money… And cue Ray! He says he already made a donation to the SCPD, but in the meantime maybe they should consider bringing the National Guard into Starling… And cue Brick! The conference room’s windows get shot out as Brick and some goons bust in, shooting a couple of non-speaking characters and causing general chaos.

Huh, I guess committee meetings can be exciting

Hey, aren’t you a Daredevil villain?

He orders his men to kill everyone else in the room as he attempts to abscond with Mayor Castle and the aldermen as captives. Laurel takes on one gunman while Ray tackles and wrestles with another. Ray goes down but is saved by Quentin, and Laurel takes down her guy. They save the mayor but lose the aldermen when all is said and done.

Not quite ready to play superhero

Not quite ready to play superhero

Oliver is still drinking antibiotic tea or whatever, and telling Tatsu that they have to keep Maseo from going back to the League. Tatsu claims it isn’t their choice, and Maseo blames himself for “what happened,” which I’m going to assume resulted in Akio’s death five years ago. Sure enough, we flashback to Island time. Maseo and Oliver are in a Hong Kong club that’s a Triad front, and they’re immediately made and taken to the back at gunpoint. Chen Na Wei begins asking for the “item;” Maseo has brought the Alpha to trade for Tatsu.

At the mayor’s office, Quentin is talking to Felicity, noting that Arrow didn’t show up to save them all, which is frankly not like him. Felicity says they’re on their own, but Quentin thinks it’s weird that the Arrow’s gone but Sara’s back, which is news to Felicity, although she’s got a pretty good idea of who Canary is.


Laurel heads in to interview Jim Huffman, the gunman she took down in the mayor’s office. He’s reluctant to talk about Brick, but she wants to know why he murdered Julio Salazar of the Hispanic gang, which is a thing she literally just wrote down in his file. Jim is unhappy with this unfairness, which is rich from a guy who was released from prison when all the evidence related to his upcoming trial was stolen. She tells him she can charge him with whatever she wants and arrange for him to await trial in Belle Reve, where all the Hispanic gang members are. This convinces Jim to give up Brick’s hideaway.

Malcolm is at Thea and Oliver’s loft when Roy arrives, because he followed him. Roy says he’s not letting Thea go anywhere with him after the shit Malcolm’s done to her, such as drugging her and making her murder Sara. Malcolm is unconcerned, but Roy thinks that Thea will find out the truth eventually. Malcolm insists it’s a family matter and none of Roy’s business, but he doesn’t kill Roy, so there’s that.

Felicity is patching up Ray back at Palmer Tech. Ray admits the gunmen brought back bad memories, but then he just thought about protecting Felicity. He says the A.T.O.M. project was meant to be about avenging his dead wife, but it’s become about protecting his current people, by which he means Felicity.

In the Arrow Cave, Roy and Laurel are costumed and picking weapons. Roy offers Laurel something besides a bo staff, but she claims it was Sara’s and she likes it. John is not happy that Laurel’s going back out again, but Roy says the kidnapping of three aldermen changed things and only Laurel knows where they’re being held. John is on board, but he wants to Laurel to stay and be on comms. She is not interested in that plan; John will stay behind.

The bo staff... one of few weapons that makes the bow and arrow look positively advanced

The bo staff… one of few weapons that makes the bow and arrow look positively advanced

Brick and some henchmen are in a couple of black vehicles, which Arsenal disables. Canary leaps down to free the aldermen from a van while Brick shoots indiscriminately, and he finds her and tosses her aside before the would-be rescuees get anywhere. Brick climbs into the back of the van to guard the aldermen, and Roy puts an arrow in his chest. But Brick just pulls it out, executes one of his hostages, and shoves the body into the street, telling Roy that that one’s on him. Okay then.

The news is reporting how Canary and Arsenal failed to rescue the aldermen and got one of them killed, while the mayor, Quentin, and Ray look on. Laurel arrives, and Quentin wonders again why Sara hasn’t called either of them when she has to know they’ve seen the footage of her. Laurel doesn’t have an answer, because there isn’t one, but luckily Brick calls the mayor to distract everyone.

"Oh, sorry, I was expecting your voice mail. Um, so, what's up?"

“Oh, sorry, I was expecting your voice mail. Um, so, what’s up?”

Brick wants to parley in person with the mayor, which she is not interested in, but he claims he’s going to kill the other two aldermen if she refuses.

Thea is reading at home when Malcolm arrives. He’s there to apologize for not telling her the truth. He tells Thea that Ra’s al Ghul is the one after them, though he claims it’s because he violated his “code of honor” rather than because he had Thea kill one of his assassins.


Laurel is watching news about the alderman’s death when Felicity comes into her office. She knows Laurel is running as Black Canary and thinks Laurel might need some sense lectured into her, but Laurel says after tonight, she isn’t sure she’ll pick up the title anymore anyway. Felicity echoes Ray from earlier, telling Laurel that maybe they aren’t fighting for Sara or Oliver or anybody that died, but instead fighting for the people who are alive. Laurel thought Felicity quit, but it looks like Felicity might be back in the game.

Lots of cops are present for the mayoral meeting with Brick—Quentin and Ray are there too—and Brick spends some time insulting everyone. Brick wants all police and city servants/services out of the Glades in return for the aldermen. Well, that seems reasonable. Brick leaves after making his demands.

Felicity gets a call from Quentin reporting the news; he thinks they really need the Arrow, but Felicity is sure he’s gone. She does, however, know where to find Canary.

Maseo is getting ready to head back to the League despite Tatsu and Oliver’s protests. Before he can leave, though, he spots black-clad assassins sneaking by the windows of the cabin; the League has found Oliver. Maseo looks to be alone when the three men enter. They say they were sent to recover Oliver’s remains and couldn’t find them. Maseo says no one is there, but before he can leave with them, one comes across Tatsu (there aren’t really that many places to hide in a tiny cabin, I guess). She immediately kills him, and Maseo takes down the other two.

On Island Time, Oliver is judging Maseo for bringing the Alpha to the Triad in exchange for Tatsu, but Maseo gives no fucks. Chen Na Wei doesn’t trust them, though, and tests the serum before releasing Tatsu. Apparently a one-second test is good enough to see it’s a fake, and she orders her men to kill all three. Obviously they fight, fleeing the club.

Roy is moping in the Cave, saying that the alderman died because of him and he can’t blame anyone or anything else. John gets out some of Oliver’s liquor, and he and Roy toast Oliver. Just as Roy decides Felicity was right about them being unable to continue without Oliver, Felicity arrives to correct him, with Laurel in tow. She says it’s their mission too, not just Oliver’s, and they have a responsibility to everyone to keep fighting.

Quentin is telling the mayor that evacuating the entire police force from the Glades is a terrible idea, but she doesn’t think she has a choice. Quentin says she has to be the one to give the order, then, because he won’t. His phone rings as he storms out—it’s Sara, or rather Laurel with a voice modulator. She tells Quentin she’s on the case and wants him to tell her everything he knows about the aldermen and the situation. Quentin only knows that one of the aldermen has a pacemaker that has to be “recharged” or he’ll die (reality check: um, that’s not how pacemakers work). Apparently this recharging pacemaker also has a GPS (?), so Felicity naturally has zero problem tracking it down. Strange the police didn’t think of that.


Felicity interrupts a meeting Ray’s having to ask for the keys to his helicopter, swearing she won’t crash it. Amusingly, he says he’d have more faith in her ability to fly a helicopter if she knew helicopters don’t have a key. But she gets the chopper anyway, which John pilots with Canary and Arsenal on board. They arrive at a warehouse, natch, and the two costumed heroes bust in, taking down the first wave of henchmen without too much trouble. They untie the aldermen and start to escort them out when Brick arrives, shooting at them. Arsenal gets out with the aldermen, but Canary is cut off and trapped in the warehouse. With Brick.

"Damn, and I really thought that bo staff was going to help."

“Damn, and I really thought that bo staff was going to help.”

Canary actually gets the best of Brick just long enough to jump out the window and onto the waiting ladder of a helicopter. Brick shoots, but they get away.

What she lacks in ass-kicking abilities she makes up for running away

What she lacks in ass-kicking she makes up for in away-running

Oliver is protesting Maseo’s plan to go back to the League now, after killing three more dudes. But Maseo just slices his own neck open, saying that he’ll tell the League that Oliver successfully escaped. Oliver wants him to come back to Starling with him, but Maseo takes off anyway.

On Island Time, Maseo, Tatsu, and Oliver are back at home with Akio, and Oliver tells Maseo that next time he bluffs with fake sample, he should maybe tell Oliver. Maseo admits he wasn’t bluffing—he didn’t know the Alpha was fake.  Waller must’ve known what he was up to and switched them. Oliver is judging him again, but Maseo just says there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his family.

Quentin is in the magic alley outside the police station, and Laurel—as Canary—approaches him from an upper fire escape, staying in the shadows. Quentin says they did a good job, but it doesn’t matter: the mayor is still pulling the police out of the Glades. He wants to go to dinner with Sara. Laurel says she can’t, but she’ll explain everything eventually.

Malcolm is out on the balcony of Thea’s loft when she gets home, but Thea still isn’t leaving, even with the truth. Because it’s not the whole truth—Malcolm didn’t tell her why Ra’s is trying to kill them. Malcolm insists that he did so tell her, but Thea says they’ll be under threat of death from Ra’s literally anywhere, so why can’t they stay and fight? Thea thinks Ra’s should be afraid of them, and Malcolm says they can stay, then.

Close enough to logic to convince Malcolm Merlyn

Close enough to logic for Malcolm Merlyn, anyway

At Palmer Tech, Felicity is returning Ray’s helicopter—and a quantum processor for Ray’s A.T.O.M. suit. She says maybe if she’s helping, it won’t be a suicide mission after all.

Chase the DJ arrives at an empty Verdant to retrieve some music files and talks with Thea. As Thea leaves, Chase makes a call…to Maseo. He reports that Malcolm (and Thea) aren’t leaving Starling. Maseo says he’ll tell Ra’s. Niiiiice.

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