Arrow: Wait, You Mean Being a Vigilante Is Illegal?

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This week on Arrow: the cops finally remember that being a vigilante is kind of illegal, discover Oliver’s secret identity, and engage on a massive manhunt for the “Arrow” 

Previously on Arrow: Ra’s al Ghul wants Oliver to take his place, Maseo is leading Ra’s’ crusade to force Oliver to take his place by turning the city against him, and he shot Mayor Castle with an arrow.


We pick up where we left off last week, with Maseo aiming at Felicity through the mayor’s office window. Ray tackles her out of the way—but takes an arrow in the chest as Quentin orders cops and EMTs to the scene.

“Is this… covered… by our HMO?”

Oliver and John watch the news that Mayor Castle is dead and Ray is injured, and on TV Quentin announces that he’s issued a murder warrant for the Arrow. Really, you can do that? Use people’s vigilante aliases in legal documents? A reporter asks why the Arrow would kill the mayor, which is fair, and Quentin says it doesn’t matter, which isn’t. Oliver tells John that Maseo is behind the killing, and he has an idea of how to find him. Is it Nyssa? It’s probably Nyssa.

Island Time. Oliver and Maseo run into Shado in the crowded Asian market—but it isn’t Shado; it’s Shado’s twin sister Mei, because of course it is. Oliver asks her for help because he has no other option.

At the precinct house, Quentin orders that officers are to shoot to kill and not fire any warning shots, and Laurel protests as she follows him. Quentin claims he saw the Arrow himself, and when Laurel tells him Arrow is being framed, Quentin brushes it off, saying that copycats are his fault too. Wow, what a bastion of justice.

Thea and Roy are in bed together, blissfully unaware of the shitstorm that has just begun, and Thea thinks she’s dumb for breaking up with him in the first place. Roy reminisces about how they used to talk of running away together, and Thea thinks that’s still a good idea. Roy says, “Things are complicated with Oliver right now,” which sounds more relationship-like than what’s actually going on, and they finally tune into the news on Roy’s TV telling them that there’s a warrant out for the Arrow’s arrest.

Felicity sits at Ray’s bedside, watching the same broadcast; arrest warrants have been issued for Arrow’s accomplices, too. What’s on those, “the red one,” “the blonde chick in leather,” “the black guy who drives the van,” and “I bet one does computer stuff, that one too”?? Ray stirs, and the doctor comes in with grim news: Ray developed a blood clot during his arrow-removal surgery and needs a craniotomy to get rid of it, but he’s too weak for surgery, so they’re basically gonna just wait and see if he dies for a while. Oh, and Starling City General has a very strict “no bullshit comic book science” policy, so no blood clot-clearing nanotech for you, Ray Palmer!

As Doc Downer leaves, a new visitor arrives—Felicity’s mother! Donna came as soon as she heard, and even though she’s as weird as ever, it’s clear Felicity needs the support, so it’s sweet of her.

"Would some comic relief be horribly out of place right now?"

“Would some comic relief be horribly out of place right now?”

Oliver meets Nyssa in an alley. He needs her help to find Maseo and is hoping that Nyssa feels betrayed enough by Ra’s deciding to pass her over as heir to betray her father. She claims she won’t help, but Oliver plays the Sara card. It’s super effective! Nyssa knows Sara wouldn’t want people to die.

The team suits up, and Nyssa provides the location of the League, though she won’t be involved in the fight. Oliver orders John to set up as sniper while he, Arsenal, and Canary find the League, which happens relatively quickly. The three of them fight Maseo and two minions, which is a nice coincidence in terms of numbers, and take them out relatively quickly. Guess who’s waiting in the wings? Ra’s—and he is impressed. Oliver draws on him, but Ra’s says killing him just hastens Oliver’s ascension to the throne. As Ra’s disappears into the night, police helicopters approach the building.


Umm… based on the direction of Roy’s shadow, Oliver must be looking at the sound guy, because he’s not looking anywhere near the police helicopter.

SWAT swarms in, and Oliver, Roy, and Laurel run, jumping over the edge of the parking garage and rappelling down. John helps them find a path via his scope, but they get pinned down in an alley. Oliver orders Roy and Laurel to run while he fires a flashbang arrow and holds his ground to provide distraction; the cops split up to follow them both.

"Run away! Run away!"

“Who put this giant piano keyboard here?”

Arsenal and Canary speed through a warehouse of…laundry, and Roy draws first blood, shooting a cop in the knee to get away. (Guess he won’t be an adventurer like you anymore.) Quentin gets Laurel at gunpoint, and she asks if he’s going to shoot her; he suggests a night in jail, maybe. But Nyssa shoots the gun out of his hand and takes him down (Laurel tells her not to hurt him). She and Nyssa take off. Had a feeling Nyssa wouldn’t be able to stay out of the fight.

Roy climbs into the rafters of the warehouse, firing flashbangs at the cops, and John successfully picks up Oliver in the van. Oliver shoots through the back window to damage the cop cars in pursuit, and they heads back to the Cave. So once again the strategy is just to leave Roy for dead?


Thea is there, along with Laurel and Nyssa, but Roy’s not back yet. Arrow calls Quentin, trying to tell him that he has to realize this isn’t Arrow killing innocents, but Quentin just suggests he turn himself in. Roy makes it back safely, and Oliver apologizes for underestimating Ra’s.

Island Time. Mei brings Oliver and Akio back to her apartment, asking questions that Oliver can’t answer about who’s after them, and how he knows Shado, and his name. He claims to have met her in medical school (he also claims he was a dropout), but he says it’s been a while since he’s seen Shado. Mei says her sister and father have been missing for three years; she just wants closure. Mei offers Oliver her shower, and he heads off; as he takes his shirt off, Mei sees that he has the same tattoo on his shoulder as Shado had.

Another press conference: Quentin is lecturing everyone on vigilantes, and Donna brings Felicity some coffee. She even tried to seduce Ray’s doctor into allowing the nanotech to no avail, and now she’s pep-talking Felicity: Felicity is going to have to be the one to inject the nanobots. Felicity says she can’t be the one to risk Ray’s life, but Donna points out his life is already at risk and somebody has to take a chance.

"Sorry, this hospital doesn't recognize bullshit comic book science."

“Look, once we establish that there are miraculous medical nanobots in this universe, then we have to ask why they’re not being used everywhere all the time, and it’s a just a mess. Did you not see Star Trek Into Darkness?”

Quentin heads out into the infamous cameraless alley behind the police station and is immediately accosted and kidnapped by a League minion. Maybe they’ll install cameras now? Maseo takes him to Ra’s. Quentin accuses Ra’s of getting Sara killed, but Ra’s points out that if Sara hadn’t met Nyssa, she would’ve died a long time ago. Ra’s isn’t just trying to meet his de facto in-law, though; he’s there to tell Quentin a secret: Oliver Queen is the Arrow. GASP.

"Yeah, you definitely look like a good guy, so I guess I'll trust you."

“Sure, I believe you. You definitely don’t look like a villain or anything.” 

Laurel barges into Quentin’s office, accusing him of orchestrating this whole vendetta because he’s pissed about everyone keeping Sara’s death a secret. Quentin does admit that maybe at first that was true, but in the end all the vigilantes—he includes Atom in that—started with Arrow. And Sara’s death was ultimately Oliver’s fault, whether as Arrow or because he took her out on that boat in the first place. Laurel takes out her phone, but Quentin says it’s too late; officers are already on their way.

As the doctor examines Ray and tells him he’s going to keep him under close observation, Donna mysteriously starts having back spasms, and he has to escort her to a gurney. She is, of course, distracting the doc long enough for Felicity to inject the nanobots into Ray’s neck. He seizes—briefly—but when he comes to, he feels good.


Thea and Roy watch the news at Verdant, and Thea assures Roy that the cops he shot to escape the chase are probably fine. He says he still shot them with arrows, but also admits that he was kind of hoping they would catch him. He was relieved that he’d finally go to jail for what he did (murdering a cop under influence of mirakuru). Thea tries to tell him it wasn’t his fault and he has to forgive himself, as Oliver comes in to apologize to Roy for getting him into this. And the police bust in. Oliver runs.

Island time. Oliver emerges to face an angry Mei. She knows from the tattoo that Shado and Oliver were more than just friends, and she wants answers. She already called the police, and Oliver starts to gather up Akio—but he sees laser sights on the wall. He throws Mei and Akio to the floor as bullets rain in through the windows.

At the hospital, the doctor is suspicious that Ray’s MRIs suddenly show that his blood clot has mysteriously disappeared, but Donna’s table at Caesar’s is frequented by three lawyers, so she warns him not to start accusing people.

Behind them on the news, Quentin is giving another press conference, and this time he’s ready to spill the beans on Arrow’s identity. Malcolm is also watching, in Thea and Oliver’s apartment, just in case you forgot he’s still around, and Oliver himself has made it to John’s place.

Felicity, Roy, and Laurel make it to John’s next, and nobody has a half-decent plan for how to get out of this predicament. Felicity suggests Oliver flee the city, but with Thea’s assets frozen, he doesn’t have the resources. Oliver only has one option, he says, and he leaves.

Island time—Oliver sends Mei and Akio to the bedroom while the shooters come in the windows. Oliver begins to fight them, but he would lose if Maseo and Tatsu didn’t break in right that second to save him from being shot.

At the hospital, Felicity is back to visit Ray. They chat a bit, and Ray tells her he loves her; Felicity definitely freaks out a little bit and says she’s going to go get him some food.

"And I love... cake."

“And I love… cake.”

Donna knows immediately something is wrong, and Felicity admits that Ray said he loved her and she didn’t say it back. Donna says she isn’t in love with Ray because she’s in love with Oliver, because she can tell. She also tells Felicity that she has to make a choice. Donna is definitely wiser than she lets on.

Quentin is making sure all the officers have a current picture of Oliver Queen, but the point is moot because Oliver walks directly into the precinct. He’s turning himself in.

Laurel leads Felicity, Roy, and John back to Oliver’s holding room. He turned himself in exchange for the rest of the team getting immunity, but John thinks he’s crazy to think he should take the fall for all of them. John insists that telling the truth is the wrong move, but Oliver asks them to just follow him through this too, even if it means Team Arrow is over.

"So not one of you thought the police might figure out your identities if you all came to visit me at the same time?"

“So not one of you thought the police might figure out your identities if you all came to visit me at the same time?”

Island time. Oliver and Mei have to say their goodbyes. And Oliver has to tell her that Shado and their father are dead. Mei is upset, of course, but she also thanks him. At least now she knows the truth.

Felicity, Roy, and John are in the Arrow Cave, but they can’t stay; it’s not secure anymore. Roy says they can’t just let this happen, let Oliver be arrested. But John doesn’t know the answer; none of them have an answer. Roy says if one of them were in Oliver’s shoes, Oliver would stop at nothing to prevent it.


Oliver’s being transported from the precinct house to jail, with Quentin as in-truck guard. Quentin starts pressuring Oliver for more answers about Sara and the island, and Oliver tells him to just ask his question.

Quentin mostly just rants that Arrow’s not a hero, he’s a villain, but then there’s a distinctive arrow impact and the truck comes to a stop. A very familiar green-clad figure leaps down from the top of the truck.

Arrow tells Quentin that he has the wrong man, that Oliver Queen isn’t the Arrow; he is. And Roy pulls down his green hood and puts his hands up.

ARROW: Wait, You Mean Being a Vigilante Is Illegal?

“No, I’m Sparticus!”

TV Show: Arrow

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