Arrow: Oliver Gets Married! (And Kills Everyone)

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Previously on Arrow: Felicity told Thea that Roy is alive, Oliver had Lyla kidnapped and traded her for Nyssa, Team Arrow realized they’re all that’s left of Oliver’s soul, and Ra’s wants the Alpha/Omega unleashed on Starling City as Oliver’s final Ra’s exam.


Island time. Hong Kong is in crisis. Flyers telling people to evacuate fall from the sky, and sick/dying/dead people litter the streets. Maseo is carrying Akio, whose fever is rising, and Oliver and Tatsu cut through the crowd (not literally) to get to a pharmacy.

"Evacuate! Spread this horrible virus far and wide!"

“Evacuate! Spread this horrible virus far and wide!”

Present day. Ra’s recaps the reasoning for asking Oliver to use the bioweapon on Starling City: he has to burn all ties with his former life to begin anew. He also exposits that Maseo is the one who brought him the Alpha/Omega in exchange for his audience. Soooo… maybe it’s not the real deal? Why would Maseo trade the virus that killed his son to anyone who would use it again? Ra’s informs Oliver he’ll marry Nyssa, ascend to Ra’s, and then go take out Starling City.

Back in Starling City, John is chasing a baddie in the streets. The guy leads him back to his gang, who all hold weapons on him, and John says it was a smart plan, leading him back to the gang. Baddie says thanks, because he’s an idiot: it’s John’s plan, and he pops in some earplugs for the arrival of Black Canary. The sonic scream causes dropped weapons and confusion, and John and Laurel easily take out the gang.

Laurel heads back to John’s place after, and he exposits that Lyla and Sara have left town. Laurel has another meth dealer to hit, but Felicity doesn’t think that’s a good idea because John is too angry. John says damn straight he’s angry, because his best friend kidnapped his wife and that’s anger-inducing. Felicity’s coping mechanism, on the other hand, is to insist that Oliver isn’t Oliver and that he died when he joined the League. Cool motive, still murder.

Malcolm is at Thea’s to try and talk her out of going to find Roy. He reminds her that Roy can never come back to Starling City. She doesn’t know if she’s going to stay with Roy, but she barely knows who she is right now, so she has to do something. Malcolm just doesn’t want to see her in trouble, but she reminds him in no uncertain terms that all her trouble is his fault, so he changes his tune a bit: maybe it is a good idea for her to spend some time away from Starling City.

If this guy approves of your plan? Get a new plan.

If this guy approves of your plan? Get a new plan.

In Nanda Parbat, Nyssa is not interested in Ra’s platitudes, nor his attempt at family dinner. But no matter how she refuses to eat, refuses to marry, and refuses to have a baby Queen, Ra’s is stubborn and scarily matter-of-fact. He says Nyssa will have no more say in her child-bearing future than her own mother did, which is…creepy as fuck. Oliver says nothing during the argument, but later announces a walk might clear his head. And on his walk, he finds…Malcolm? Who was in Starling City five minutes ago? Okay. Anyway, Malcolm infiltrated to meet with Oliver at a scheduled time, so clearly Oliver has a plan.

Oliver tells Malcolm about the virus, and while he knew the destruction of Starling was in the cards, he thought it would be months before they had to face the possibility. Malcolm says Oliver made his friends a little too angry in convincing Ra’s he was fully brainwashed, but Oliver has an idea of who they will trust. Maseo has followed, but when he sees Oliver, he’s sitting by himself at the fire.


Island time. In the pharmacy, Tatsu looks for something to bring Akio’s fever down while Oliver wonders why the vaccine isn’t working. Well, really, it’s because vaccines take a couple weeks to work; you can’t vaccinate for a plague in fucking progress. Akio wakes, and Tatsu tells him that everything is going to be all right, even as he, y’know. Dies. Maseo wants to know if maybe Shrieve has a cure, not just a vaccine, and he and Oliver take off to try to find out while Tatsu and dead!Akio…hang out in the pharmacy, I guess?

Thea tracks down Roy at the address Felicity gave her – it’s not clear what city he’s in – and he’s working in an auto shop and going by “Jason” now. I hope that’s not foreshadowing that he’s going to get beaten to death by a crowbar. Anyway, he apologizes for not telling her, she understands, and they walk off hand in hand.

Did you understand that reference?

Did you understand that reference?

At Palmer Tech, Ray is back in town and still working on his suit. Felicity is very gloomy, and Ray offers to let her talk about it, even though he knows it’s Oliver-related and also they’re still friends. He’s very sweet. He does suggest Felicity sign some papers, which she does without reading them, which is super dumb, because Ray just transferred ownership of the entire company to her. Oh my god, Iron Man wasn’t enough! Now he’s Tony Stark, too! She gets a text from Malcolm, though, and takes off.

Back in Nanda Parbat, Oliver asks when Maseo got the Alpha/Omega. He says he stole it from the truck before they blew it up, before they even knew Akio was sick, because he wanted revenge on Shrieve. Oliver says that when he’s Ra’s, he can release Maseo from his League oath so that he can return to Tatsu, but Maseo says that the League his not his prison.

Team Arrow arrives to meet with Malcolm. He tells them that Oliver’s allegiance to the League is a charade, which they don’t believe, and that he’s telling them the truth now, which they don’t believe. But he brought a wild card, a friend of Oliver’s, and I bet you can guess who it is: Tatsu!

She tells them the city is in danger, but they don’t know who she is, so it’s not much help. She doesn’t care if they know her, though, all she cares about is that the Alpha/Omega killed her son (“You’re Akio’s mother?” asks John), and that they have to stop it from infecting the people of Starling City. Malcolm tells them to think about it, and to be at Ferris Air before sunrise to go to Nanda Parbat.

Roy takes Thea home, expositing that he hasn’t been doing any vigilante work since he left Starling, and it’s super boring. She had a feeling he was going to say that, because she brought along his Arsenal gear, which she had Malcolm steal out of police impound. She figures that since Roy admitted to being the Arrow, and is dead, it’s safe for him to be Arsenal, right? And then they kiss, of course. Those two have so much more chemistry than Oliver and Felicity.

Here, this episode needed some pretty.

Here, this episode needed some pretty.

At Palmer Tech, the team watches footage of the deaths in Hong Kong that Malcolm provided, expositing what I’m sure everyone was wondering, which is that the deaths were attributed to a chemical spill at the time, and not a bioterrorism attack. John and Laurel are unequivocal – if there is the slightest chance that a virus like that could be released in Starling, they’re going to stop it. But Felicity says she doesn’t believe Malcolm still, and even if she did, she can’t go back to Nanda Parbat. Oh, for fuck’s sake.

In Nanda Parbat Ra’s comes in Nyssa’s room to tell her a story: Nyssa’s mother was a woman he met in Odessa, and he talks about how beautiful she was, but then he just made her his concubine, so…cool story, bro. Anyway, it’s not enough to sway Nyssa to suddenly want to marry Oliver, and Ra’s shows his true colors; he tells her if she disobeys he’ll make her suffer.


To be fair, the competition for Worst Father of the Show is very stiff. He had to step up his game.

Felicity is still watching footage of Hong Kong when Tatsu approaches. She isn’t trying to convince Felicity to trust Malcolm; she wants to talk about Oliver. She tells Felicity that Maseo is League, too, and her mistake was not even trying to reach him.

Island time. Maseo and Oliver reach Shrieve’s base, and this time, Oliver is shooting to kill. He and Maseo take down the first two guards, and head inside in search of a cure for Akio.


Malcolm and Tatsu are waiting at the airfield, and Tatsu shows Malcolm her katana (not a euphemism). She says the blade is passed down to the first son every generation, and Malcolm makes the astute observation that she is not a son. She says no, she isn’t, and as Team Arrow arrives, we get a glimpse of her Katana mask in her bag.

The five of them approach the plane Malcolm is apparently going to use to spread the virus, and Felicity says she can ground it if she gets within fifty yards. Sure, I bet the League of fucking Assassins can’t find a second plane, good plan. Anyway, Malcolm kills a couple minions, but soon more swarm in. Merlyn, Canary, and Katana start fighting while Felicity starts hacking the plane and John covers her. Maseo shows up next, and Tatsu says it’s not late for him to return to her, but he says it is. Tatsu is resolute as they fight, and Felicity gets to 98% before an arrow pierces her tablet. The plane gets away, but there’s a backup: Atom. He takes on the plane and wins, albeit not particularly prettily.


“Welp, no way to get to Starling City now!” –the League of fucking Assassins

Maseo and Tatsu continue to fight, and eventually he takes her down. He raises his sword, and says to tell Akio he loves him, but Tatsu dodges, and impales Maseo through the middle. “Tell him from both of us,” she says, and embraces Maseo as he dies. His last words are to thank her for freeing him from his prison.

Dear show: THIS is fucking chemistry.

Dear show: THIS is fucking chemistry.

Malcolm, John, and Laurel mop up the remaining minions, but Ra’s and Oliver arrive, and Ra’s claims they’ve failed. Felicity points out that they blew up the plane, but Ra’s holds up the Alpha/Omega vial. Why is a vial such proof of virus? You can’t see it. Anyway, too many minions swarm this time, and the team has to surrender.

Oliver leads them into Ra’s presence, and though Felicity tries to talk to him, and barks at her not to speak, or they’ll fuck everything up, and to trust him. Ra’s lines them up and asks them how they knew about the plane/virus situation, and Tatsu finally says Maseo told them. Ra’s thinks that’s a little too convenient, but he has no proof either way, so he seems to go with it. Oh, and Oliver tells them about the whole betrothal thing. Good timing, all his friends are in Nanda Parbat for the wedding!

Thea and Roy have apparently been in bed together this entire time, but Roy knows something is going on, so Thea tells him the story of Ra’s stabbing her, and Oliver trading himself to save her. He says it makes sense, she’s always wanted to bolt when things in Starling got crazy, but she insists she wasn’t running away, he was running to him. It’s sweet.


Team Arrow sits (together, conveniently) in a Nanda Parbat dungeon, and Felicity’s big concern is that Oliver is going to marry Nyssa. Malcolm points out that’s dumb, but nobody’s sure they’re getting out alive. Oliver summons John, asking him if everyone’s ok, but John is still angry, and he’s not impressed with Oliver’s insistence that he had to do something to prove his loyalty to Ra’s. After all, Oliver had his wife kidnapped, leaving Sara alone, and that isn’t exactly forgivable. Before the argument can get far, though, the guard returns; Ra’s has demanded John be returned to the cell.

Island time. Shrieve is studying a cigar (yes, really) when Maseo and Oliver bust in. They demand the cure, and Shrieve decides it’s a good time to talk about his evil plan: he needs to destabilize the Chinese government and economy, because they own too much of the US national debt, and they have a big army. Sure, I buy it. Maseo shoots him in the shoulder, though. Shrieve starts to tell them how to administer the cure, but Oliver is not impressed, and decides they’re taking him with them instead.

Ra’s is admiring Tatsu’s katana in front of Malcolm, saying that he anticipated Maseo’s betrayal, and Tatsu’s. But he didn’t expect it from Malcolm, considering he saved his daughter. Malcolm offers his fealty again, but Ra’s is just as unimpressed this time; but this time Malcolm has a bargaining chip: he tells Ra’s that Oliver is the one who betrayed him. Why Malcolm is believable with his life on the line, I do not understand.

Oliver is summoned to Ra’s and Malcolm, and he insists once again that Oliver Queen is dead. Besides, he says, after what he’s done, even if he is betraying Ra’s, he will have no one to go home to. He definitely believes that, at least.

Thea wakes up to find Roy gone. Really gone, he’s quit his job, too. But he left her a letter: he says she deserves better than a transient life on the run, but he’ll always love her. Oh, and he left her the suit, because, he claims, red was always her color. Aww.



Nanda Parbat. John tells felicity Oliver didn’t say anything worth hearing, and then Ra’s puts Malcolm back in jail despite his protests. Ra’s holds up a vial of the virus, and the guards take Tatsu from the room because she’s had the vaccine. And then he drops the vial. They all yell at Oliver to do something, but he just closes the cell door, trapping them with the virus.

Island time. They get back to the pharmacy, but of course, Akio is dead already. And Shrieve’s cure is nothing but insulin for his diabetes anyway. Plus, Shrieve’s men followed them, and there’s no escape for Oliver, Maseo, and Tatsu.


Wedding of the century! Oliver approaches the altar, soon to be Son of the Demon, and Nyssa is beautiful as she walks down the aisle under a tunnel of swords, which is super romantic. The Priestess who performed the ritual on Thea starts the ceremony, and in the middle, Nyssa turns to stab Oliver, who of course blocks her attempt. Oliver orders the priestess to continue despite the attempted murder, and the priestess declares them joined.

Stabbing: the foundation of a fruitful and happy marriage.

Stabbing: the foundation of a fruitful and happy marriage.

Meanwhile Team Arrow has dropped unconscious, one by one.

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