VIDEO: Arachnia (2003)

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Arachnia is a classic, old school homage to the stop motion monster films of the ’50s and ’60s.

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  • Jeff Bradford

    Wow, Cecil… just wow. I know you like some bad movies, but this one? Mano…. While I will agree that stop-motion is highly underrated, I will not really agree with you that this is a good bad flick. If you want a real good bad flick, try Baseket Ball!

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      This isn’t even as obscure and “bad” as I go! lol

      Stop motion is awesome and its a shame that it is a dying art.

      Basketball is classic. Some friends of mine own Beers jerseys.

    • Thomas Stockel

      I think everyone has that movie that we can’t agree on with Cecil, no matter how hard we try. For me it was TMNT 2.

      Good stuff, btw, Cecil. I understand where you are coming from regarding CGI. When used properly it can enhance a movie, like The Abyss, or Terminator II or Jurassic Park. But other producers think that if they throw enough CGI crap against the screen they don’t have to worry about little things like, you know, plot or characterization. I am sooooo glad Battleship tanked; it restored by faith in humanity.

      • Cecil_Trachenburg

        It happens to everyone with this sooner or later and thats fine. I don’t expect everyone to agree, especially when I pick some really out there titles.

        I remember when Jurassic Park hit and it was amazing. (and still is) They had a perfect mix of CGI and practical, which is why everything looked so great. Now, its just assembly line crap. CGI + more CGI + color correct until everyone is grey or orange + buckets of money = profit.

        Sadly, even though Battleship tanked the studio didn’t place the blame on the fact that they had a half baked idea and throught if they threw enough money at it the thing would still be a hit. It seems Taylor Kitsch is taking the hit. Since this and John Carter were both high profile movies released around the same time with the same lead, they are blaming him saying he just wasn’t a big enough star to be in that movie. Like all the sudden if Brad Pitt was the star the film would have miraculously not sucked complete ass. (side note, John Carter was actually quite good, its a shame Disney botched the marketing and the film did so poorly)

  • MephLord

    Nice to see that after a vacation in Alberta I come back to a movie that would make any afficianado laugh. The effects look pretty good even if cheesy and story is meant to be a laugh as much as a fright. You always find the gems amongst piles of ghastly turds and bring them to us, so congrants.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Thanks! :)

      It is exactly what you think it is. Cheesy, low budget, and entertaining.