Aquaman “Pilot” (part 8 of 11)

Back at Eva’s Sugar Shack and Dive Bar, A.C. is trying to reach his dad to ask about Raftwreck Boy. But no luck. (In fact, it seems Lou Diamond Phillips has collected his paycheck and gone home for the day, because he will not be seen again in this episode.) A.C. gets distracted by a group of jerks showing off a marlin they caught, but Eva stops him from marching over and pounding the catch and release policy into their tiny little skulls. She says she doesn’t want him to go back to jail. So how come when it does happen, she brags about it to strangers?

As he moves toward the bar, Beach Babes Girl appears and starts talking about how cruel people can be. A.C. agrees and admits that it’s been bothering him more and more. That marlin belongs in the ocean, not over someone’s fireplace! Beach Babes Girl muses, “Maybe someday the fish will get their revenge.” What? Did she actually say that? Nevertheless, Fish’s Revenge sounds like what happens when Abe Vigoda realizes he shouldn’t have eaten that enchilada.

A.C. abruptly notices he’s being chatted up by a beautiful woman, so he goes into full charm mode, which involves huge incandescent grins and terrible jokes. She actually laughs at “I dunno, I think rednecks would make terrible trophies,” which should be enough to make anyone suspicious of her true motives.

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Mark "Scooter" Wilson

Mark is a history guy, a graphics guy, a guy for whom wryly cynical assessments of popular culture are the scallion cream cheese on the toasted everything bagel of life. He spends his time teaching modern history at Brooklyn College, pondering the ancient Romans at the CUNY Graduate Center, and conjuring maps and illustrations for ungrateful bankers at various Manhattan monoliths. Readers are welcome to guess at reasons why he's nicknamed Scooter, with the proviso that all such submissions are guaranteed to be rather more interesting than the truth. Mark lives in the Midwood section of Brooklyn with a happy-go-lucky, flop-eared dog named Chiyo who is probably, at this very moment, waiting patiently for her walkies.

Multi-Part Article: Aquaman "Pilot"

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