Aquaman “Pilot” (part 5 of 11)

Next we’re in town, and it’s a bit later in the morning. We scoot past a placard for the town of Tempest Key (which proclaims, “Sunsets were invented here!” And we’re totally getting gypped out of the royalties!) and see a lot of male and female beach bunnies. One is wearing a lei… in Florida?

Finally, we pick up A.C. and Lou Diamond Dad coming out of the police station. Their conversation involves A.C. promising to pay Dad back for the bail money, and Dad grousing that this was the third time this year. Sounds like he’s going professional. I hope somebody tells him that dolphin liberation is not a career choice.

A.C. snarkily, and very quickly, says Dad must be regretting signing the adoption papers (get that exposition in! c’mon, faster!). Dad stops him, calling him “kiddo” just like he did in the radio scenes when the boy was ten. Does anyone really call their son “kiddo”?

We get a close look at Lou Diamond Dad here, and it appears they didn’t even bother trying to make him look ten years older. Maybe with Lou’s magic cheekbones, they thought they could get away with it, but it really undermines the drama. It’s as if Dad just stood still on stage while Graham Bentz (who played the Cousin Oliver version) was pulled off, and Justin Hartley was brought on in his place.

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Mark "Scooter" Wilson

Mark is a history guy, a graphics guy, a guy for whom wryly cynical assessments of popular culture are the scallion cream cheese on the toasted everything bagel of life. He spends his time teaching modern history at Brooklyn College, pondering the ancient Romans at the CUNY Graduate Center, and conjuring maps and illustrations for ungrateful bankers at various Manhattan monoliths. Readers are welcome to guess at reasons why he's nicknamed Scooter, with the proviso that all such submissions are guaranteed to be rather more interesting than the truth. Mark lives in the Midwood section of Brooklyn with a happy-go-lucky, flop-eared dog named Chiyo who is probably, at this very moment, waiting patiently for her walkies.

Multi-Part Article: Aquaman "Pilot"

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