Aquaman “Pilot” (part 11 of 11)

Back at the hospital. Eva is in bed, hooked up to monitors and stuff, so it seems she actually survived Nadia’s attack. Don’t worry, she’ll probably get killed again next week. And in yet another rip-off from that other show, Clark—I mean, A.C.—is staring soulfully through the window at her. “I’m sorry, Eva,” he says to himself.

And now, just to make sure your intelligence is completely insulted, here comes the utterly unnecessary twist ending.

Bite Me Guy is back in the Indiana Jones Memorial Bermuda Triangle Archive Warehouse, examining a file he’s pulled out of one of the boxes. It contains a black and white glossy of Denise Quiñones in full Latin Club Singer drag, complete with flowers in her hair and everything, standing at a microphone at a place called Club Havana.

Apparently, this is not a recent photo, because just like all photographs from the distant past, this one happens to include a sign that furnishes the year in which it was taken—In this case, a banner that says “Army Farewell 1936” [?]. But if you want real entertainment, check out Army Farewell 1938—that’s the one where Red Skelton drops his drawers.

In case we’re having trouble recognizing her, Bite Me Guy muses aloud to himself, “Just how much do you remember, Lt. Torres?” I don’t know about her, but I remember everything, all too well.

Caption contributed by Mark

Don’t know why / Navy power gets knocked out by / Stormy weather…

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Mark "Scooter" Wilson

Mark is a history guy, a graphics guy, a guy for whom wryly cynical assessments of popular culture are the scallion cream cheese on the toasted everything bagel of life. He spends his time teaching modern history at Brooklyn College, pondering the ancient Romans at the CUNY Graduate Center, and conjuring maps and illustrations for ungrateful bankers at various Manhattan monoliths. Readers are welcome to guess at reasons why he's nicknamed Scooter, with the proviso that all such submissions are guaranteed to be rather more interesting than the truth. Mark lives in the Midwood section of Brooklyn with a happy-go-lucky, flop-eared dog named Chiyo who is probably, at this very moment, waiting patiently for her walkies.

Multi-Part Article: Aquaman "Pilot"

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