Aquaman “Pilot” (part 10 of 11)

And when we get back from “commercial”, A.C. and Ving are tied up in the cabin of The Quint. Apparently, Nadia is bringing them both out to sea. And I say, whaaaaaaaaa? Why? Nadia wants to kill A.C., right? And there was nothing to stop her from doing it right there on the spot with her nasty Lee Press-On talons, right? So… why not just kill him already? Didn’t she realize I would have been happy to help?

Okay, maybe she needs to take him out to sea and kill him there for some reason. Implausible, but I’ll go along with it. But even if that’s the case, whyput him on a boat? Look who we’ve got here: A.C., Nadia, and Ving. All creatures of the sea. None of them need a boat! Boats are for stupid humans who can’t do the Patrick Duffy Body Wave thing!

Even dumber? This is A.C.’s boat. He’s lived on it for years, and Nadia hasn’t. So, basically, she’s giving him the home court advantage, so to speak.

The fact that the final confrontation between three Atlanteans takes place aboard a boat is just criminally stupid. Here you have Aquaman, supposedly one of the most powerful beings in the ocean, and what do we get? Essentially, someone dragging a chunk of land out into the sea so they can have the big fight there. They’ve been squandering the potential of this character since minute one, and now, at last, the Aquaman-ness of this venture has officially run dry. Yes, pun intended.

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Mark "Scooter" Wilson

Mark is a history guy, a graphics guy, a guy for whom wryly cynical assessments of popular culture are the scallion cream cheese on the toasted everything bagel of life. He spends his time teaching modern history at Brooklyn College, pondering the ancient Romans at the CUNY Graduate Center, and conjuring maps and illustrations for ungrateful bankers at various Manhattan monoliths. Readers are welcome to guess at reasons why he's nicknamed Scooter, with the proviso that all such submissions are guaranteed to be rather more interesting than the truth. Mark lives in the Midwood section of Brooklyn with a happy-go-lucky, flop-eared dog named Chiyo who is probably, at this very moment, waiting patiently for her walkies.

Multi-Part Article: Aquaman "Pilot"

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