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Jerry watches Apocalypto, a product of one of those rare times when Mel Gibson stopped screaming at people long enough to make a movie. In Mexico during the decline of Mayan civilization, a hunter (Rudy Youngblood) escapes from bad guys who capture his tribe for human sacrifice. He’s got to rescue his wife and son before rain fills the well where he hid them, along the way getting tortured nearly as much as Jesus in Mel’s previous movie.

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  • I’m surprised that this movie got made without there arising a story that the director blurted out racial epithets towards the whole cast. It must have been REALLY hard for him to keep focused!

    I know you probably won’t want a load of comments about the Mayan doomsday theory but I have to say, why are people still taking this seriously?! At least the Millenium Bug (Ah, sweet nostalgia) was somewhat feasible because of the risk of a computer virus infecting stations worldwide and those have actually been proven to be real. The world was supposed to end in 1982 according to Pat Robertson (who is a VERY rational human being(!)) and it was supposed to happen at least 3 times last year alone. This almost makes me want to book a plane ticket to Italy, go to the Vatican on 21st December, bring a large sound system and as soon as it turns midnight, I will play the wah-wah music. They are so committed too, bless ’em.

    Anyway, good review and it’s good to see what Gibson produced before he went full-on batshit bigot on us.

  • edharris1178

    Good video, Jerry.

  • Anon

    “This almost makes me want to book a plane ticket to Italy, go to the Vatican on 21st December, bring a large sound system and as soon as it turns midnight, I will play the wah-wah music. They are so committed too, bless ’em.” Brewerman
    Except Catholics are one of the Christian Churches who don’t claim to be able to predict the end of the world by an exact date.  That is mostly Televangelists and Protestant denominations who make such claims, so save yourself the money and the embarrassment of your own ignorance. 

    • Yeah, that’s true. I know I’m being harsh and I was joking really but it just annoys me that there’s been so many doomsday theories put out by these different religious sects that as soon as this one fails to happen, the theory which has had a movie made about it, it’s like they’ve lost their trump card. But like you said, I’ve found that a lot of Catholics don’t believe in this theory and those who exploit it are mostly televangelists who have always milked doomsday for all it’s worth.

      Either way, even though it was a joke, I apologise for my insensitivity and lack of research.

      • Oh, I’m annoyed by the doomsday theories too, ESPECIALLY the 2012 thing, mostly because I live in a city which is like 10 or 12 miles close from a Mayan Ruins reserve, I know mayan history, hell I have friends who have learnt to speak mayan (some local folks still speak it) and this whole theory that their calendar says the End of the world is bullshit, and devoids attention to an otherwise amazing civilization. It’s sad.

        But yeah, your joke was a bit too harsh, and I’m pretty sure the catholic church has nothing to do with that theory. 

        • The_Stig

          I think anyone who has the slightest lick of sense knows the 2012 doomsday stuff is BS. The calendar does stop on December 22, 2012. It just means that’s when the calendar ends. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody knows the end of the world is going to come on February 14, 2016.

          Valentine’s Day. Bummer.

        • I apologised for what I typed up and I will leave the comment to remind me not to type up anything that insensitive again. I am not a religious man by any means but I should know when to keep my keyboard shut. :/

      • Anon

        Thank you I appreciate the apology.  I can say I understand the frustration with the doomsday theories, which is one major reason why I wanted to make sure no one would mistake the Catholic Church among those who think they can predict the world’s end.

  • Arcadiassx999

    Happy Seventh video!  Today the seventh tomorrow the world!

    Oh, BTW aliens built those temples. Just saying.  )p

  • Torgeaux

    Loved it!  My wife visited Belize last year and met up with an anthropologist who specialty was Mayan Civilization.  Lee had to sit through an hour of this professor’s ranting about this movie. Action movie..Good!  History…bad!

    • My thoughts exactly! I love this movie, but it’s as accurate to the Mayans as the flinstones is to the cavemen.

  • A Guest

    Hello Film Renegado, I enjoyed your review and while not a complaint I do have something of an answer to your question to the scene where the people all panic over the solar eclipse.  While I’m not an expert on the history of the Maya I would assume that astronomy was a science only taught and practiced by the elites in society.  Putting my own mind into the director I would have made that scene with the context that the elites keep the knowledge of such events to themselves in order to plan such grand festivities where they can boast that they have satisfied their gods with a planned prophesy of sorts.

    • Now that’s a good explanation, maybe the rest of the population didn’t know and only the high priests had all the control on education and astrology. But personally, I think Mel put it because it looked cool, that’s it xD