RAW FEED: Apathy and Why Failing is GOOD!

Happy Friday!!

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  • Muthsarah

    I notice you said you didn’t understand the apathy, but, y’know, speculation is…something. If it fails (however speculation of this sort can “fail”), no biggie, right?

    One of the most common complaints I’ve been hearing for years about “this generation today/(yesterday)” is about a common sense of entitlement, and a lack of standards or even a desire for accomplishment, to excel. The “everyone gets a trophy” thing. Was that just a thing about young people several years ago? Is it still something you hear (honestly, I think I stopped listening to stuff like that years ago, but I still remember it)? ‘Cuz it seems to contradict the “low self-esteem” thing (though maybe not the apathy part…). What could cause a general(ish) sense of feeling like trying/working at something is pointless?

    One thing I’ve wondered about is…kinda weird, but, I’ll try…the interconnectivity of our Webbified world means that we can easily find sterling examples of…whatever it is we like. You like art? Literally all of the art is online. Great examples of stuff by people more advanced than you. Intimidating, maybe? Do you feel comfortable trying and floundering and failing, knowing (before you even started) that there are thousands if not millions of people far better than you are already, just maybe three seconds of thumb-clicking away? All the best music, online, right there. Other performance art. Inventors. Sports…type-people. Athletes, yeah, that’s the word. Have ideas of a genre-mashup fanfic that speaks just to you? Well, a minute or two of searching could reveal that your perfect little idea is not remotely original.

    I don’t know what it’s like to grow up as a kid with a whole Internet at my fingertips all day, but I gotta wonder if one of the (many insidious) effects of it are to raise that bar of “normal” crazy high at a tender, impressionable young age. If you feel like you’re SURROUNDED with people better than you are at something…maybe that makes it easier to accept a “well…I’m clearly nothing compared with ALL of these people” kinda thing. And instead of trying to create something uniquely you, something that not only reflects your feelings, but reflects something you actually want to see (that, in an earlier time, you maybe couldn’t have been exposed to, thus keeping you wondering if maybe YOU have to actually make it happen), you could just search around for a minute or two and…well, THERE’S something that’s EXACTLY what I would have wanted to do. And someone beat me to it. Oh well, I guess I’ll just look at stuff. Instead of actually trying to DO stuff for myself.