VIDEO: Antichrist (2009)

Chaos reigns as Mr. Mendo takes on Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist, with the help of a very special guest, the Lecher Bitch herself, Diamanda Hagan! Watch as a grieving couple retreats to their cabin in the woods, in the movie that shocked Cannes with graphic depictions of genital mutilation, hardcore sex, talking foxes, and naked Willem Dafoe!

Special thanks to everyone who made this review possible: Diamanda Hagan, Fear Fan, Sofie Liv, and The Omega!

Special bonus video! Check out Mr. Mendo’s all too brief cameo on The Bunny Perspective, talking about his favorite They Might Be Giants song! Sofie Liv

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  • Mike

    Holy shit.
    Hagan has arrived to the Agony Booth.
    God help us. God help us all.


    • Michael A. Novelli

      We need no help to be awesome!

  • Sofie Liv

    I apologies for the crappy quality of my cameo.. glad you could use it any-way though.
    Loved the rest of the review! It was brilliant, there was actually a very good chemistry between Mendo and Hagan!
    And this movie is shit.. I am not even kidding when I said that I feel a sleep while watching.

  • rainflyx

    I gotta say, Diamanda annoys the heck outta me, but the Fear Fan is always inexplicably classy.

    • fearfanforever

      Thanks for saying so! It’s mostly the suit.

    • Xaria

      I annoy the heck out of me to. Remind me to kill myself some time.

      • rainflyx

        Well suicide sounds a bit harsh, but maybe a strongly worded scolding?

        • Sofie Liv

          Don’t worry, she wont die for long. She’ll just come back as either a zombie, ghoul or demented ghost, maybe a fusion of all with a dash of nosferatu.

          This is the mistress of the underworld after all, having dealt with satan in the past comes with its privileges.

          So Mistress Hagan, if you suddenly for some-reason stay dead, I will kill ya, but only because I care.

          Btw, if we ever met for that cross-over.. we should totally do. “The last circus.” just saw it yesterday. a very demented Spanish movie about a sad and a happy clown, with lots of killing in it and far out imagery.
          The possibilities here are many. I think maybe you will kind of like it, I actually really dug it.

          • Xaria

            oooh sounds funky.

          • Sofie Liv

            Check out the trailer

            And remember.. I CALLED DIP ON THIS ONE!

            it’s such an great excuse for me to dress and paint up as a clown as well!
            Not that I call you a clown.. but you have a sort of face paint thing going on.. erh.. I’m sure we could get some-thing absolutely great out of this, in time. And I am totally for dressing up with make-up and everything for the occasion.

          • Michael A. Novelli

            I smell a collab!

          • Sofie Liv

            Yeas Mendo, your smelling sense are so very good, you old dog.

            Indeed we will have the Irish vs Danish girl drinking contest. IT’S GOING TO BE THE MOST VIEWED INTERNET VIDEO EVER! we only need a Scottish and history is written!

            (Note, the joke here is that Denmark and Ireland have a reputation for being really hard core drinkers, and is in a kind of competition of who’s the best.)

            in all seriousness though, I have asked Hagan about it, and I have pushed Hagan about it.. and I am a very annoying persistent pusher, but fortunately Hagan is a very sweet person.
            So we stand at a “Maybe.” possible future, possible if we both get to London Exspo in may there could be some real fun there.
            so it’s all, huge. “Maybe.”

          • Michael A. Novelli

            If you need a Scot, why not ask the Blockbuster Chick? I hear she’s always up for a guest spot.

            BTW, as someone who’s equal parts Irish, Scottish and Italian, I will drink all three of you under the table AND have a big dinner afterwards ;-)…

          • Sofie Liv

            Dream on, you still life and grew up in the US.

            Have you any idea what the mere bar culture and youth culture is like here?

            Btw, Denmark has the record for in percentage, having the youth culture 16-24, whom drinks the most in the entire world! so technically, I Should be able to drink you sensless, I should be able to drink Norwegians senseless.. I can’t, because I actually drink don’t all that much.. as proven this weekend, where I had mead weekend with a bunch of friends…. erh.. but technically I should.

            But good idea! we’ll get the blockbuster chick, I start practising now, and then it’s going to be a party X)

            erhh.. yeah no. I would rather just concentrating of having fun being at such a place as London Expo, which is indeed, an awesome place, was there ones before.

          • Xaria

            It depends on a lot of things. Im not opposed to it at all.

  • Mads Tejlgaard Olesen

    Another danish person here!

    I watched Antichrist at the cinema, and I must say, Mendo’s comment “Successful troll is successful” is the most succinct description of Antichrist anybody could provide…except I fear a lot of people never realized it was a troll.

    I’m the type of person who can amuse myself for hours by turning the simplest of tasks into a game, so with the exceptionally slow pacing of Antichrist, my brain just went into a kind of overactive detective mode, trying to figure out how it all fit together.

    The thing is, obviously it doesn’t…At least not when you take this movie as a single entity. As you put it, defoe’s character gets his doctor doolittle on – the 3 beggars tell him where the wrench is. The wrench could be anywhere. He hasn’t been able to find it. But he’s told where it is…by an animal.

    So clearly, the 3 animals are a supernatural entity able to influence his life, and not some type of hallucination; they know more than he does. But if the 3 beggars are real entities, not imagined, then what about the speaking self-cannibalistic fox? Why do we never see Defoe’s character come to terms with the realization that there are such things as talking animals? Indeed, the animals are just as real from our perspective in either situation, making the film essentially inconsistent in it’s portrayal of them.

    We in the audience, in other words, are being lied to. The movie isn’t playing fair, because it’s incongruous.

    But if there isn’t some larger jigsaw that makes sense, some way in which the movie as a whole presents a narrative that is meaningful, then Von Trier just tricked us into watching hardcore exploitation porn, rather than an arthouse movie…which is another point altogether, and I think the intention of the movie: To see if Trier could make all the film-snobs of the world wade through the one of the grimiest, dirtiest exploitation films ever, and make them pay him for the privelege. In other words, the creator of the film (and the world we’re exposed to), it’s god if you will, wanted to mess with the people watching it (those passing through the films world); wrapping a neat little bow around my theory is the fact that the Antichrist the movie speaks of is Lars Von Trier himself

    90% of the cinema was dead silent during most of the movie, but I and 2 other guys were nearly rolling around on the floor laughing from the sick obscenety we were being presented with…I think we weren’t the only ones to see the film as an exploitation film (which is something you deal with by laughing at it, if you’re me), but I do think most of the people there were trolled horrendously and never even knew it.

    • Sofie Liv

      Yeah, hey.
      That would be me.. HALLO MADS ALSO FROM DENMARK!

      Keep watching the site, and you will get a lot more of me! yay!

      And it is the absolute truth.. I did fall a sleep during the first act of that movie, I tried to watch it, I really did. But oh lord..

      I never ever liked Lars Von trier, I supposes some of his early movies are really smart.. apparently, but I never got into it.
      Glad you could make fun out of watching the movie, hey if you life in my area you can send me notes on bad movies in future.. kidding, would be fun though.

      • Mads Tejlgaard Olesen

        *does the secret danish internet handshake with Sofie*

        Yup, I saw your comment on bob’s blog and was curious to see your cameo =] I think you nailed it.

        I still think its funny you fell asleep during the movie XD

        And I do live in your area..sortof. I’m in Aarhus N. Not sure any notes I could make would do you any good, but I’m always up for discussing movies with people :D

        • Sofie Liv

          Well, welcome to the booth!

          Hope you’ll stick around! who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other a day :)

    • Sofie Liv

      Wait just a little minute..

      Are you the same Danish mads which I also had an ungoing conversation with over at “Moviebobs.” blog?

  • Paul Guest

    Von Trier is an idiot, but a smart one if he keeps making ‘films’ that people see and critique over.
    Doesn’t Albert help with the videos anymore? I know he’s normally aiding in writing some of the things but…

    • Sofie Liv

      Mendo unfortunately aren’t available right now it seems, he can probably deliver a way better answer than me. But I can say things based on what is told me.
      I was not in on the developing process of this one, I was just send a mail saying. “Say something about Trier!” to which I responded. “Urhm.. kay, thanks for the detailed script..”
      But I am let to believe, that yeas he did. He wrote a good chunk of it.

      The next Mr. Mendo video, is also a straight cross-over, between him and me. And also that script, has a few of my ideas in it, but is mostly a fusion between Mr. Mendo and Albert. All in all, they make a pretty great writing team don’t you think?

      And we must never forget that Albert does a lot of editing on the site! This video were edited by him. That much I know at least.

      • Michael A. Novelli

        The story behind this episode is actually pretty complicated:

        Hagan originally agreed to do a guest spot for a review of Sailor and the 7 Ballz (which she’ll be back for, so stay tuned!), but, unfortunately, that movie is so bad, that not just Albert, but Ryan, Stan and Fanny were all completely dumbfounded as to how we would edit the episode into something watchable. The film may also be cursed, who knows?

        Anyway, Albert took another shot at editing the script and somehow it turned into a review of Antichrist. Sofie and Fanny ad-libbed most of their dialogue, but as far as the bulk of the review, Albert contributed the majority of the film criticism, while the banter between Hagan and I was recycled from my original script for Sailor and the 7 Ballz.

        We run a very collaborative ship around here, by God!

        • Sofie Liv

          Well, it’s fun to be a part of.
          We have a fun little community here, I have yet do really do anything, and still I have talked to every-body and made plans with at least half of you.
          We are team Agony booth in every sense of the word by god, a team dammit!

          I love you guys, did I ever mention that?

          • Michael A. Novelli

            Mention it a few times more, we don’t mind…

        • Xaria

          if I had been doing my own antichrist review i woulda done stuff a little diff but thats the beauty of collas.

  • Mike

    I must say at first I was really not liking the whole video review thing… but I think this ep really proved me wrong. Hilarious!

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Yeah, it really feels like we’re hitting our stride, doesn’t it?

  • Connie333

    Oh this was a brilliant review. I saw this in a tiny little cinema that only shows a non blockbuster film once a month for a special “indie” night.
    It was the first time everyone shuffled out afterwards not daring to meet anyone else’s eyes rather than heading off to the pub for a chat and a pint afterwards.
    Seriously Von Trier if you are going to shoot disgusting things for shock value just make Human Centipede 3 – don’t dress it up with pretty cinematography and pretend it’s art.

  • I really appreciate these kinds of reviews: Movies I have no intention of actually watching but would like to know more about.

    Enjoyed having the fear fan wrap it up, and always nice to hear from the danes. I didn’t see the appeal to the ‘not having seen the movie’ angle from Diamanda.

    I don’t understand the appeal of this movie. Roger Ebert gave it 3.5 stars out of 4, and it ranks fairly well among his readerbase (3 out of 4). Now his review talked a lot about the quality and depth of the actors as a driving force behind the movie.

    Does that mean taking those same two actors and giving them a different story would result in a good movie as well?

    While reading the rest of his review gave some explanation for the images and their importance (I guess is the right word) I still don’t understand why this is a movie that I would want to sit down and endure. Do you walk away with anything?

    I’m just not sure I get it.

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Well, a lot of it comes from the fact that the previews made it seem like a different movie than it actually was. Besides, without that conceit, it would just be her and I passing the review back and forth, in which case why have her at all? Besides, that’s the sort of thing she does on her own show anyway, so why shouldn’t we get in on the fun?

      • That’s a good point about the previews. I think I remember being a bit interested when seeing them. I just don’t go to things without reading up on them first, and I know what I don’t want to watch – and this is that. I can see how some folk would be snookered into it, but what about people who purposefully went to it. What’s the gain when leaving the theatre and not wanting to meet other’s eyes?

        I had not seen any of her stuff before, though I am not saying I found her unenjoyable, she had some really enjoyable moments especially midway through when everything hit its stride, It’s just not a style (didn’t do the legwork) that I enjoy much. I have no doubt you all put huge effort into the show, and I enjoyed it and am grateful – cause it means I don’t have to go and see it myself :)

        • Mads Tejlgaard Olesen

          To answer your question, figuring out what the movie means is the only thing you walk away with. In this case, the meaning folds back onto your occams razor – the movie is merely an exploitation film.

          But you can’t really know that without watching it. It’s certainly not where you expect it to end up _as_ you watch it. You expect it to have some meaning, some grain of sense; you expect it to be like straw dogs, which has a very ugly third act as well, but that movie _is actually sensible_ – there are no weird talking animals that turn out to be really there, but the characters don’t act on them, untill they do…but those expectations are ultimately let down, completely.

          Von Trier exploits his name to get people who aren’t exploitation fans to watch and exploitation film…to make the point that trusting his name, or any directors name for that matter, for a certain kind of film is a terrible idea. In a sense, it’s his way of making sure he isn’t pigeonholed.

          Well that’s this laymans oppinion. Perhaps if you’ve got more experience with films, as Roger Ebert does, you see something different…but I cannot believe that the false ambiguity concerning the symbolism of the animals vs. the realism of them is there for any other reason than to point out that von trier can get people to take seriously something outrageously bad, and that this state of affairs is somehow ridiculous. Glossing over it, it seems to me, merely means you’ve been caught.

      • Mike

        You know that might be a good round robin video to do sometime, showcasing misleading previews.
        See: Burn After Reading, Bridge to Terebithia, Driven, Hancock, this movie.

    • Xaria

      Ironically I had seen the movie.

      • Sofie Liv

        Yeah, I weren’t even kidding when I said I fell a sleep.

        Being Danish, it was just one of those movies I as a movie buff and arts student were supposed to see. So I tried, I honestly did. and I honestly fell a sleep, but didn’t even regret it at all. tried to watch it again a year later when it was send in tely, but gave up after ten minutes of it, deciding I had better things to watch.

        I never ever got Lars Von trier nor enjoyed him, despite several people really trying hard to convince me other-wise. Yeah, also in my educational life.

      • Haha, I believe it :)

    • fearfanforever

      I walked away with a theater seat. Since everyone was too embarrassed to look at one another, nobody noticed or tried to stop me.

  • Strelnikov

    Lars von Trier only made one good movie, Europa, and has been farting around ever since.

  • Mike

    In the spirit of the ‘new’ Agony Booth, and since you obviously have no fear (hell, you just did Antichrist and previously did Ilsa…..), I demand, DEMAND, sir, that you hooligans do a video review of…….


    Carry on.

    • Mike

      Yes, I know it’s been reviewed already. But that was before the whole ‘video’ thing.
      Now, hop to it, chop chop, etc.

      • Michael A. Novelli

        I’ll do it, but only if you have a copy you can mail me…

        • Mike

          You can’t get it from Netflix?

        • Dwlow812003

          still need Zardoz? I wil lsend it to you if that is the case:)

          • Michael A. Novelli

            I never say no to a free movie!

          • Dwlow812003

            okeydokey, whats the address i should send it to?:D

          • Michael A. Novelli

            PM me in the forums and I’ll let ya know!

  • Paul Guest

    I know Albert can see this and I know appearing on camera might not be his thing; but he HAS to make an appearance next time. Even if he doesn’t talk about the movie he must have a cameo.

  • Michael A. Novelli

    Well, I’ve just been over to Hagan’s site, and unlike my other big CA crossover, no-one’s pissed off about me besmirching their site or called me a “fat Mexican” yet, so I think we can call this collab a success!

    • Xaria

      thats because I have beautiful fans

    • Cristiona

      Aww… I could call you a fat Mexican if it’ll make you feel better, Michael!

      • Michael A. Novelli

        It’s not on her site, so it just wouldn’t be the same…

        Seriously though, do I really look Hispanic?

        • Paul Guest

          Should we say you are if it helps you feel any better?

        • Mads Tejlgaard Olesen


          One could be forgiven for thinking you would work well as el presidente in Junta, an old boardgame.

          More stereotypically cuban than hispanic, imo =P

          It’s a great look.

          • Michael A. Novelli

            OK, I’ll give you that one…

        • Cristiona

          I think it’s the shades, bitchin’ ‘stach, and cigar.

  • Arcadiassx999

    Wow! What DRAMA, what PATHOS, what Clit Clipping!! Errrr. That was a Clit that was clipped wasn’t it? I couldn’t see because it was blurred out like Japanese kawaii porn! Any-who.

    Clit clipping, really? I knew there was a reason i stopped watching films since, i don’t know around BEN HUR! Fun vid review and all that, guest reviewers are always nice to be introduced to(ill check them out later), keep up the humor, i need to laugh! *Clip, Clip!*

  • Ubercommando

    Can we have more of Sophie the Dane in future?

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Sure thing! She’s already joined the site. Her first solo episode should be up soon…

    • Sofie Liv

      Yayness! Some-one likes me! yeah, hopefully there shall be lots of me in a near future.

      and as Michael said, my first solo episode should be up soonish, followed by a cross-over.

  • gasmaskangel

    The sad part is I actually kind of like that movie, although god alone knows why. Also, goddamn but I need to get a better a camera.

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Indeed you do, sir, since we plan on keeping you around!

  • Crazy Fish

    Video reviewers are weird. Just on this show there’s that one little girl with the hood and black mask, this weird person with clown makeup, and of course Mendo’s (now gone) wicked mutton chops.

    I’m not sure if this says something about desperation for internet fame or not, I’m too busy being happy Agony Booth hasn’t been taken over by fake british accents yet like everywhere else on the web.

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Well, I can’t speak for Omega or Diamanda, but I always rocked the ‘chops when I was a civilian, so when I had a chance to grow them back on leave, I took it.

      I think like anything else you need to do something to stand out; if you hook people in, they’ll stay for the talent, and hopefully come back…

    • Xaria

      The makeup was part of an attempt to do something a little different from most review-people.

    • fearfanforever

      Hey, I’m normal.
      Sort of.
      Kind of.
      Not really.
      All right, damnit! I make jokes when people die horribly in movies. Satisfied!?!?!?!?

      • Michael A. Novelli

        The point is, you’re honest with yourself…

  • Ed

    Nice work from all. One of my favorite little Lars von Trier tidbits is a bit from an interview where he expressed an interest in directing a James Bond movie., Just sit back for a second and imagine what would happen if the producers of the series decided “Sure, let’s give him a shot. How bad could it be?”

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Couldn’t be any worse than The Man With The Golden Gun…

  • Rod Johnson

    you should do a review on your own videos because they suck

    • Michael A. Novelli

      I’m sorry you feel that way…

  • jerp

    Haha, I just had my friends sit through this last weekend! The expressions on their faces were just priceless. This movie has kind of become like The Ring in my circle of friends. Someone showed it to my boyfriend and I a year ago, we showed it to our friends, and now they are going to show it to their friends.

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Well, as long as something good came from this film’s existence :-)…

  • Zorha

    I’ve spent the last week sobbing into a paint pealing venere corner over this video review, and I have yet to see the F’ing movie!

    My mind is now forever stuck between clit clipping and Dafoe’s cock. What special type of hell did I deserve to be tortured by visions of FBI Special Agent Paul Smecker’s Pecker or the Green Goblin’s Knoblin?

    Mr Mendo – Please for the love of all that is good never show us pixelated shriveled wang again.
    Diamanda -Call me crazy, but I really got a kick out of your lines for this one. Your collabs with The Omega were pretty funny too.
    FearFan – How was it that you were the last reviewer standing? A lesser mortal would have gouged their eyes out by then.

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Well, near as I can tell, Fear Fan wasn’t there for the first part of the film, so maybe that helped. :-)

  • Dwlow812003

    sofie is freaking adorable, lol:)

  • Fantasy Mission Force

    I know it’s a different video, but in regards to ‘Standing in the Spotlight’, most of the album is pretty much a joke, but I think ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ is great, and ‘Baby Doll’ and ‘The Crusher’ are decent, as well. I think people calling it a ‘rap’ album aren’t telling the whole story accurately.

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Well as a hardcore Ramones fan, I can say that while Dee Dee did take his attempts at rapping seriously, the others were ultimately able to convince him he wasn’t any good at it, which is one of the things that eventually prompted him to leave the band…

  • Dwlow812003

    Anyone else just want to give Sofie a big hug? She is so cute!:D

    • Dwlow812003

      and i of course say this in a completely friendly way, not in a creepy stalker kind of way, lol:)

  • Huntress

    Maybe I’m just jaded, but I didn’t find it *that* hard to watch. In fact, I thought it was rather interesting and creepy, although I can see where it’s not for everyone.

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Well, as someone who thought A Serbian Film was boring, that should tell you something…