Americas Favorite 1980s Doctor-Dad Arrested for Rape

cosby pictureDays before the statute of limitations was to run out, an arrest warrant has been issued for television’s ex-favorite Dad, Bill Cosby.

Let us all take a moment to praise Hannibel Buress, who outed the Cos for being a serial rapist. People had been whispering about Dr. William Cosby Phd’s proclivities for years, but it took a man (with a penis and testicles) also in the bidness of show to get anyone to listen.

Today this supporting player on Broad City is not just Elena’s favorite dentist and fuck-buddy, he’s America’s!


The arrest warrant issued in Montgomery County, PA, specifically concerns Cosby’s January 2004 drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand. Constand was the Temple University employee who took Cosby to civil court. That case inspired many other victims to come forward and start telling their stories.

Despite giving Constand a hefty settlement, Cosby has stuck to his story that the encounter was consensual because what young LESBIAN in a committed relationship with a woman, wouldn’t want to have sex with a (then) 66 year old man?

He’s expected to be arraigned later this afternoon.

In related news, as recently as December 15th, Whoopi Goldberg continued to defend her friend, dismissing his accusers as crazy, lying sluts with their own gold-digging agendas.

Former model, Beverly Johnson was being interviewed on The View and talked about that time the Jello Man drugged her and she narrowly escaped assault probably, but doesn’t actually remember all the details because that’s what happens when you’re drugged. Goldberg made sure to question her thoroughly in a tone that suggested she would be sending the tape to the producers of Law & Order SVU as an audition for the role of sleazy defense lawyer who puts victims on trial.

It's not just the Cos! I'll also defend Mel Gibson or any other terrible person I know.

It’s not just the Cos! I’ll also defend Mel Gibson or any other terrible person I know.

The arrest makes us better than the UK where major-TV star, Jimmy Saville was running a similar, but even worser racket (involving children) and was never arrested or even investigated in his lifetime because the Brits are too polite, and they don’t have a Hannibal Buress. USA! USA!

The man England trusted with its kids!

The man England trusted with its kids!


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