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Liam gets all nostalgic for 1999, pre-internet porn, soundtracks featuring Third Eye Blind and/or Blink-182, and American Pie, the blockbuster teen sex comedy where four friends (Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, some other guys) make a pact to get laid before prom, and set their sights on the likes of Tara Reid, Alyson Hannigan, Shannon Elizabeth, and one unsuspecting pastry.

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  • Jeff Bradford

    First Post! Whoo! Great review man! Keep’em coming!

    • Liam Barrett

      Thanks, man.

  • MephLord

    Was I the only one that never laughed during this movie or any of its sequels?

    • Liam Barrett

      No, it’s definitely a love-it-or-hate-it movie. Spike Lee famously hated this film and let everyone know it.

  • Sofie Liv

    Where are you from? That’s a very british accent isn’t it?

    First around to your videos now, didn’t leave disappointed. I enjoyed this video a lot :)
    Never actually saw American Pie… I count this as my viewing of it

    • MephLord

      I believe Essex UK is his home, at least from the intros I’ve seen but I could be wrong. My ex-gf was from the UK so she kind of got me into a lot of UK lore like Jack the Ripper (that was a huge fascination for her) along with Robin Hood. James Bond was never portrayed very well and although she liked Dr Who it was never presented in a way at least early on where he was in any danger so the villains always looked cheap and stupid.

    • Liam Barrett

      I’m from Essex, England, specifically the Romford area.

  • Mike

    First time seeing one of your videos and it’s was pretty good. However, I noticed this is listed as your ninth. So I looked to see if you had seven others not on this site at blip tv, but I couldn’t find any. Are you registered there or somewhere else?

    • Liam Barrett

      I actually have TWELVE other videos not currently on this site. They’re all available to see on Reviewtopia, which is a affiliate of The Agony Booth. You can find the link there at the bottom of this very page.

      • Mike

        Thanks Liam.

  • MichaelANovelli

    Ah, Rosen. Even to this day he can’t frame a shot for crap. ^_^