RAW FEED: American Kids: ADHD or Just Spoiled?

In which I go on an blithering rant about how parenting, child expectations, and ADHD.

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  • Gearóid

    The parents are afraid, some may be lacking firm parenting skills but the doctors want these kids on medication, it’s profitable. Look at how much money the drug company’s are making, they won’t give that up and the doctors know no other way to deal with people, kids etc.
    Your right a child is too young to take medication its in my opinion insane to do it, I know they give the meds I take to them.

  • Joel Kazoo

    Nice to see a strong parent who doesn’t resort to corporal punishment. All spanking does is show that the parent has lost their temper and has chosen to take the easy way out to instant results. I still fondly remember an incident I witnessed in a supermarket. A kid hit his older sibling, and rather than scream at the kid or hit him back, the dad got down on one knee to the kid’s eye level, and calmly asked him what was wrong. When the kid explained that he was tired, the dad calmly explained to him that if he was tired, he should of said something before, and that hitting is NEVER an acceptable behavior, pointing out that the kid wouldn’t like it if someone hit him for no reason. He then told the kid because he hit his sibling, they weren’t going to go the park, and he would have to do extra chores when he got home. They hugged, and the Dad let him rest on his shoulder on the way out of the store. I would of given him a Dad of the Year trophy if I had one.

    I think Louis CK best explains my feelings: