AMC grabs Preacher to accompany The Walking Dead

preacher comic book 2

In keeping with the comic book TV show theme we have going today, AMC is throwing its hat in the ring once again with dark, apocalyptic, comic book-based TV series to accompany The Walking Dead—not to be confused with The Walking Dead companion series that’s not based on a comic book but is still dark and apocalyptic and being developed into TV series nonetheless.


Everybody follow all that? Either way, here are the details:

Seth Rogen, comic book geek and movie star, has teamed up with Evan Goldberg, who co-produced most of Seth Rogen’s movies and co-wrote your least favorites (The Watch, The Green Hornet), and Breaking Bad producer Sam Catlin to create a new AMC series based on the Preachercomic books by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

A Texas preacher-turned-atheist and his vampire ex-girlfriend are trying to find God, and not in a “have you accepted Christ into your heart” kind of way, but literally track him down and kick his ass, because apparently the Almighty is slumming it on Earth and shirking his heavenly duties.

Kevin Smith tried hard to make a Preacher movie in the early 2000s, but nothing came of it. In 2006, HBO started developing Preacher as a TV show by the guy who wrote the hated Daredevil, the reviled Electra, and the scorned Ghost Rider, and wouldn’t you think if one person wrote all three of those shit piles, he’d be forced leave Hollywood and start selling insurance in Topeka or something? Anyway, HBO wisely abandoned the project. Columbia Pictures then picked up the rights and started down the movie path again, to no avail.

Now it’s AMC’s turn. The network says not all the graphic violence of the comic book will make it to the screen, but promises not to “dumb it down” or neuter the characters.

On an unrelated note, AMC has cast Cliff Curtis as the lead in the new The Walking Dead, Too series, which not actually called that, but should be. It’s about another group of survivors living in the same world as, but a different part of the country than, the people in the original show. This is Curtis’s fourth time to be cast as the star of a TV series in five years, the others being Trauma, Missing, and Gang Related. Hopefully this time the show makes it past freshman year.

Curtis plays Sean Cabrera, who is trying to protect his son and ex-wife in zombie world. The casting call specified Latino, which makes sense considering how heavily Latino horror movie audiences are. Seems like a smart call—and refreshing. With today’s TV shows whitewashing so many comic book characters, it’s good to see original characters not defaulting to white male.

The new Walking Dead show doesn’t have an official title yet, but it might be Cobalt. Ugh, that’s awful. Hopefully it’s just the name of the pilot episode and not the series.

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