AMC Buys Half of BBC America – can a Walking Dead/Doctor Who crossover be far behind?

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The TARDIS could soon be landing in the middle of Walking Dead land. It won’t, but it could—that’s all we’re saying.

You see, the BBC is tired of all the work it takes to run a cable network over here in America, what with the ad sales and negotiating with cable/satellite providers. So AMC will be taking over all that boring, annoying business stuff. And AMC is paying $200 million for the privilege.


In exchange, AMC will own 49.9% of BBC America (Queen Elizabeth II and the British government own the other 51.1%, so AMC will have to keep the place clean in case they ever pop in for a visit).

What’s this mean for viewers? Not a hell of a lot. Potentially BBC America will get carried by more providers since it’ll get packaged with AMC’s other networks, which also include the Sundance Channel, WE, and IFC.

AMC recently announced it’s shifting away from reality programming and concentrating more heavily on hour-long dramas, which is also BBC America’s bailiwick. “Our content rises to the top on many levels and is particularly well-suited to an era of on-demand viewing and expanding consumer choice,” said AMC Networks president & CEO Josh Sapan, explaining why AMC  and BBC America are such a good match.

We here at Happy Nice Time People believe cable will eventually die a slow and brutal death at the hands of streaming services, so if AMC Networks is preparing in the distant future to launch its own (similar to what HBO GO is doing next year), this is definitely a smart move. The real trick to bring together enough original programming to justify the monthly standalone subscription price. Combining AMC’s and BBC America’s is a strong step in that direction.

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