VIDEO: The Amazing Spider-Man duology: A retrospective

In honor of the third anniversary of the Graphic Novel Picture Show, Sybil flagellates herself for the amusement of her fans by reviewing both installments of the short-lived Amazing Spider-Man movie series.

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  • Thomas Stockel

    The more I hear about these two movies, the more I am glad I decided not to see them. Especially considering whom the writers are. They’re a couple of over-rated hacks.

    • RockyDmoney

      Orci is the worst

  • Wizkamridr

    I did not like any of the spider-man movies or 70s tv show. The 60s cartoon is fun to watch even if the animation is crap. I only like the comics (60s-90s) and the Japanese version.

  • danbreunig

    I haven’t really mustered the ambition to get around to watching either of these. Still I want to wish you a happy Third Anniversary Solkir/Sybil, for making yourself the Booth’s resident comic book guy–excuse me–graphic novel universe reviewer. Really, I’ve learned a lot from your show concerning the big league comic universes that normally would have passed me by. Birds Of Prey episodes, for example–if I didn’t watch you discuss them here (and with due snark) chances are I’d live in life-long ignorance about them. This is coming from someone whose earliest exposure to any DC heroes was Superfriends. Thanks for the reviews thus far and the ones yet to come. m/

  • Jonathan Campbell

    I am NOT the only one who enjoyed these movies. Damn you all to Hell!

  • The second one sucked. But I deeply disagree that there was no chemistry, the best part in the franchise is the romance. I wish they had focused more on it and the films become more of a “Gwen Stacey loves Spiderman” bend on the “Mary Jane” comic.

    Did not see the “Invisible Man” thing, but I am glad you pointed it out.

  • Eliot Littlejohn

    Part two was a big improvement on part one the only reason i say that is because raimi’s spiderman sequels got worse every time. What made amazing two better was that their were two villains. In raimi’s part two he didnt give peter multiple threats to deal with and the lame superman two knockoff story. You were rite about rhino though that was bait and switch. I think norman was supposed to come back in the sequels. Before they put the confusing x men post credits scene in the orginal post credits scene. Was the gentlemen went into oscorps basement and walked into a room where normans frozen head was kept. happy anniversary.

    • RockyDmoney

      The raimi spidey 2 storyline was adapted from the comics from the 60s. Were he put a mentel block on his powers cuz he just sick of the responsibility of being spidey and just wanted a normal life

      the story was called Spider Man No More. Amazing Spider Man #50(1963). It is referenced twice in the movie. When is talking to Uncle Ben in a dream sequence he has a line of dialog saying “i’m peter parker, I’m spider man no more” Also the shot of the spiderman suit in the trash can as peter walks away is an image right from the comic panel

    • Eliot Littlejohn

      I knew that but without the lizard or john jameson turning into the manwolf it was a lame sequel.