VIDEO: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

The Minority Report is back! This time it’s an Editor’s Special as Tom’s editor Ben steps in front of the camera to explain why he loves The Amazing Spider-Man, the 2012 reboot with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Just like Tom, he answers your questions about the movie, and at the end, he brings you the Top 5 best things about The Amazing Spider-Man!

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  • TruthfulHermit

    but spider-man was smart and funny in the rami films, hell spider-man 2 shows in a subtle and fun ways. look at the train fight , then pay attention to what spidey does in it,allow with his web attacks, he’s being freaking intelligent, he’s counting for the velocity of the trains speed when he pulls hismelf out of the train., this was a check list aspect. I Like to think Webb had good intentions [even if i don’t like the guy.] but the jokes came out of nowhere, his intelligence was kinda sub-par for the most part, and the flaws in this film where perdoniment and more forefront, then in say background,where you could see then but still enjoy the film. the script was written terribly, the musics pretty forgetable, and all in all, its Batman begins with plot points form spider-man [2002] hell this was plan since spider-man 3. I Get that you love this film, this film has split alot of fans down the line,and i do respect your opinion Repo, However no, I Don;t like this film, or mostly how they written the characters, I can;t relate to them,because I just don’t, not even when i was a teenager i was this much an ass, or an unlikable guy. to put it better done, imagine if Fox got the rights to Doctor Who,then make an American remake.

    Some people would think of it as an improvement, and others would scream and shout and bicker going “NYA! They killed the doctor!!”

  • ThatScottishGuy

    I Understand but however, Ultimate spider-man is a dick, and yeah apparently teens are dicks, but not all of them, its not that it was turn up to 11 for rami’s spider-man, on the contrary, it was up to 6, [i’ve seen 11, and 12, and beyond, its a place called Comic Con, come to it one day!] not all teens are dicks, alot of them are smart, nice intelligence Lads and Lass’s. going thought there own motions,and what not, still this guy isn’t really spider-man in my opinion. I happen to agree with some points with the Truthful Hermit, and with you,it really is all a matter of perspective, even if he really isn;t a real teen, or the abandonment issues thing isn;t portrayed very well. yes spideys an ass at the beginning, he is intelligent, and not really a good ladies man at first. heck i think this script I found sums him the best:

    and bringing up delated sense to prove your own point? that was stupid of you. thats not how you do it laddie. I Personally don;t like this film, i think it doesn’t show him,and reminds me of the original USM book which I Always viewed it as how everyone views USM the cartoon. in conclusion my friend is this the worst ever movie? nah, even if ti was truly to be made to be compared to the original instead of trying to do something different and exciting failing on both terms. also uncle Ben just sucked in my humble opinion, I Felt he brought nothing, sure we see more of him,but i like the less is more. it works. I Don;t think ASM peter is good, or anything, and learns of anyhtign of repsonsiblty. Crane Dad sucked to.

    • SteamlandD

      Holy Crap, someone actually likes our script and series :) , thank you. I Think Tom and Harold make good points, both of them do. I Seem to agree that its not a good movie. Personally I Cannot connect to anyone here in the film. Maybe because as Gwen does stuff, its just, stuff. the whole story itself is convenient and contrive, the lizard just wasn’t that good. it started off strong,then just crumbles,and Peter parents aren’t brought up, only in the begging and forgotten, this film was just boring and predictable. I Think they could’ve made the origin story a lot more better and more fun. like what if he was a street performer and was found by a thief, the thief took Peter under his wing,and gave him his suit. his daughter falica is a costume designer for wrestlers, and she makes peter’s spider-man suit. Peter makes alterations, and we see peter make real web shooters that start off clunky to small and portable. the evolution of him,and meaning of what it is to be spider-man with an arc that sets him up for future movies in this movie-verse to grow,learn and accept his gifts,and role as a superhero for it to be an outlet for him, and his responsibility to the people he loves.

      I liked crane dad, he and bridge guy are pretty awesome but both have the same role. I Gotta give it to bridge guy though, it felt more realistic,and genuine as oppose to Crank Dad who felt forced. also, I agree with some of the points that Scottish & Mat bring up. I like my incarnation of uncle ben,but i;m bias towards my Ben. I liked spectacular spider-man though to me, that version of Ben, was memorable, that incarnation of Peter was realistic, fun, charming, and everything you can get close to. Amazing just tries to be the Christopher Nolan Batman, and doesn’t work that well. if you enjoy it,props to you my friend and thats cool, you bring up alot of good points.

      • ThatScottishGuy

        yeah, I love it, sucks that you can;t really do anything with it, however I’d like to see what else you guys are planning, that fantastic four team up sounds awesome!

  • SpideyGrlV

    I Love this, great job and I agree with you,also Andrew Garfield is really hot.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Good job, Ben, and while I might not agree with everything you said, you make a good argument and you do point out that those who love the three Raimi films might be looking at them through the blurry haze of nostalgia.

    I think for me the big reason why I refused to see the movie was the fact that we were getting the origin told all over again. I don’t see why we need this three act structure repeated in every super hero film. People might bitch about Man of Steel but I think the use of flashbacks was refreshing. I think perhaps they could have come up with a more creative way to perhaps tell Spider Man’s origin in a more non-linear fashion. Maybe one of these days, perhaps before the second movie comes out, I’ll check this film out of the library and give it a try.

    • HonestA

      I Don;t think its really nostalgia for the rami films Thomas, i think it also is about preferences’ like Ben said its really depends on who you talk to. seems some people can’t relate to this parker, others can, and others just are meh, with it.

      I Personally don;t like it, as steamlandD down there said, its Batman begins with plot points form Spider-Man, and I Agree with you about the origin, maybe they will do non-liner flashbacks, it was a nice method of telling Superman’s story even though we already know about it.

  • The_Stig

    The Amazing Goddammit Peter Put Your Fucking Mask Back On!

    • KayneWestF8

      “but in spider-man he took his mask off a lot too!” – TASM Fanboy’s

      actually it was off of him a total of 3 times, in TASM it was a lot more about 10-15 times. Ben, you love this movie thats cool, but i think its a total pile of shit.

      • The_Stig

        Exactly, This movie’s pure unfiltered garbage juice.

        • TangledBenji

          Well, I like it. I thought it was real and raw, and uncle Ben was amazing.

        • TheorizedCatz

          Actually Stig why do you despise the reboot?

          other then taking his mask off constantly and stalking Gwen, which is played for something cute [it’s not cute], i mean as a stand along movie, its on par with spider-man 3, the action is bad,but thats not the main star, it’s punk parker.Iat least Punk si proactive, so is Gwen.

          • The_Stig

            First let me tell you what the film did WELL.

            1. Martin Sheen and Sally Field, but those two have made a cottage industry out of turning sow’s ears into silk purses for decades.

            2. James Garfield’s Spider-Man. When he managed to keep his freaking mask on, he WAS Spider-Man. The quipping alone made him better than Tobey.

            3. Emma Stone. Not even hardcore defenders of Raimi’s trilogy (yes, even 3) will bother defending Kirsten Dunst’s MJ. Just by existing she’s a huge upgrade from Damsel McScreamerton.

            4. Mechanical webshooters. It’s about goddamn time.

            5. Denis Leary. It’s a funny little paradox. As a stand-up comic, I despise him for stealing my all-time favorite comedian’s act verbatim and for stealing a Louis CK bit, turning it into a song and making millions from it, but I’m a big fan of the guy as an actor and will watch him in anything where he doesn’t have to stand up on stage and tell other people’s jokes.

            6. Marc Webb’s directing. Imagine what he could do with a GOOD script.

            And here’s what I hated:

            1. The Lizard was shit. Both the special effects and as a villain.

            2. Emma Stone while good in her role was still miscast. She would have defined the role of Mary Jane Watson for years to come. There’s nothing she did in this film as Gwen Stacy that she couldn’t have done as MJ. The fact that we know Gwen’s destiny makes it worse.

            3. SPIDEY DOESN’T SKATEBOARD. (Ok, in Tony Hawk Pro Skater he does but that’s a video game!)

            4. It’s not that he took his mask off. Even in the Raimi films he took his mask off, but here he does it constantly and for no goddamn reason.

            5. If it’s an adaptation of Ultimate Peter Parker’s origin, fine, But here’s the thing…. Sam Jackson Nick Fury notwithstanding, no comic book fan prefers the Ultimate Universe. It was a fun novelty when it first came out, but that novelty has long since worn off. This is a Universe where Green Goblin’s an actual goblin, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are banging each other (they’re brother and sister) and Spider-Man talks like a Jewish grandmother (or at least he did before he died and a more interesting character replaced him. This is not high praise.)

            6. Getting back to Garfield, as much praise as I give his Spider-Man, I hated everything about his Peter Parker from the skateboarding to him being a cool kid who wears a hoodie to compromising his secret identity every chance he got just for the hell of it and no I will never not be pissed about that.

            7. The costume. What the hell were they thinking? Who designed that damn thing, Nike? I have no faith in ASM 2 but at least they finally seem to get the costume right. Let’s hope this isn’t the only thing about the first film they screwed up that they manage to fix (and let’s hope the new mask doesn’t fall off so easily, am I right?)

            8. Like with the X-Men films, no matter how good they are the more Sony keeps making Spider-Man films, the longer audiences will have to wait for the rights to revert back to Marvel so we can finally get a proper Spider-Man movie that gets it right across the board.

            9. This is the big one. All movies live or die on the strength of their script, and ASM’s was wall to wall weak sauce. It wasn’t outright BAD. I wish it were because a bad screenplay is at least memorable. ASM’s script was just so…meh. It was everything a major film franchise should never be, all spectacle and no substance. It was forgettable, and that’s an even bigger sin than being bad. A cast this strong deserved a lot better and so did Webb.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Erm… concerning ”

            3. Emma Stone. Not even hardcore defenders of Raimi’s trilogy (yes,
            even 3) will bother defending Kirsten Dunst’s MJ. Just by existing she’s
            a huge upgrade from Damsel McScreamerton.”

            Sorry, not true.
            I have to admit, I liked Kirsten Dunst’s MJ. When she wasn’t screaming, she was a very fleshed out person. She had a background (including a father, that was an asshole), she was smart, she even had different opportunities to shine.

      • Tim Terrell

        No one who mattered saw him without his mask.Besides, he had his Spidey sense to alert him if someone was coming near. He’d put his mask on.

  • Alexa

    “Don’t keep promises you can’t keep..”
    “But those are the best kind…”

    Shut up Peter. : P

    • SteamlandD

      At least he wasn’t as annoying as USM Peter Parker. :p agree shut up Punk Parker!

  • ThatGuy

    Is it wrong that I like the editor more than Tom?

  • minoritytom

    I am sure i will offend him with my opinion on another film and he shall jump to defend it. Not wrong at all my dear friend, as long as you enjoy anything we do, that’s the most important thing.