VIDEO: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

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Renegado has seen the sequel to the reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, despite not having watched the first one. Did avoiding the tired origin story make watching this movie more enjoyable? Watch the review and find out!

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  • $36060516

    I can’t believe you spoiled the ending with absolutely no warning ahead of time.*


    *okay, perhaps there were two or three warnings

  • conservative man

    One of the many reasons I will probably never watch the new spiderman films is because of the loss of the Mary Jane character ( that includes the comics ) I know mary Jane was supposed to make a cameo in this movie but that of course got removed. Now maybe she will appear in the third spiderman movie and if that happens maybe I will see it, but also the original spiderman movies had a heart, it got me emotionally invested in the characters. Even when things in the original films got a little goofy it didn’t bother me ( until spiderman 3 ) because I liked the characters and I wanted to see how Mary Jane and Peter Parker’s relationship would wrap up. And I believe if things had not been so badly handled in the third movie we would not be seeing this new spiderman now, but the third film left me and others without a sense of closure and so many felt they had to do a reboot and start all over again. Like I said maybe these next 2 films will get things right and maybe they won’t but for now I’m staying away from the new spiderman movies….at least unitl they bring back Mary Jane.

    • $36060516

      “I wanted to see how Mary Jane and Peter Parker’s relationship would wrap up.”

      You’re never going to see that. Superhero comics and movies keep the plates spinning forever. If they get married something happens to break it up. If they break up, something happens to bring them back together. It’s all about providing the illusion of change in a state of stasis.

      • conservative man

        And that’s why I finally stopped reading spiderman in the comics ( and comics in general ) as well, I liked MJ and they were doing some pretty good stories with her and peter back in the day, and marvel destroyed their marriage all for the sake of keeping spiderman back in the same spot where he started, all that character developement and decades worth of stories gone forever. :( Marvel does not care about spiderman nor how the fans feel about what they do to characters that we have come to know and love, I just can’t understand it.

  • Interesting, I saw the movie too and I thought it sucked balls. Nice CGI, decent action scenes but the rest is a bloated mess. I guess the chemistry between Garfield and Stone is there, though.

    • Jerry Nava

      I agree the plot could have used *a lot* of tweaking but it’s not even nearly as bad as people are making it to be. Despite it’s plot holes it’s still entretaining and fun, I think that could be more thanks to the actors than the director tho…

      • Muthsarah

        Outta curiosity, when you say the plot coulda used tweaking, do you mean that it felt clumsy, like they rushed it, or that it was overdeveloped and overly-complicated? Both of them seem to be common sins of modern blockbusters.

        • Jerry Nava

          Clumsy and rushed, I didn’t really see it as overly-complicated, sure, it has more plot that it can handle sometimes but the pacing helps lessening that issue, it’s not really hard to follow.

          • Muthsarah

            I suppose I’d hafta see the movie itself (and, with respect, despite your review, I’m still not the least bit interested – any non-Marvel studios superhero flick feels like a waste to me) to figure out exactly how I feel about this, but I’m among the significant masses whose affection for Spidey died after the second movie. Both Spidey 3 and TASpiderman had such awful receptions, I just didn’t feel like givin’ ’em a chance. And after seeing Spidey 3 on cable….that just convinced me forever that the character is best handled either innocently (if stupidly) or not at all. The snarky, too-cool-for-school-and-too-good-looking-for-detention Andrew Garfield just seems too incongruous for comfort. The series felt dead. Never cared about Spidey before, sure don’t care about Spidey now.

            I’ll happily watch them if I can stream ’em for free. But they don’t seem to be worth more than that. Sure, seeing a more dynamic, charismatic Peter Parker than Raimi/MacGuire delivered, yeah, that’s a bit of a plus. But, like how you felt towards the trailers and such of the first “Amazing Spider-Man”, it’s just terribly off-putting. Like I don’t even wanna like this Peter Parker. Seems like such a smart-ass douche.

            But, hey, I held off of X-Men: First Class until DVD, and I liked that enough (just enough). Marvel Studios’ films sometimes merit the theatrical treatment (Winter Soldier), but for the rest….sometimes it’s good they come out on video so soon.

            I’d like to like these films. I’d LOVE to LOVE them. But they tend to feel too wrote, especially regarding these trailers. I just don’t give a $#!+ about Electro, or Rhino, or the Green Goblin’s 16-year-old younger brother. How is it not hard NOT to care?

            Too soon for a reboot. At least wait a decade. It feels like shameless, pointless, desperation to re-launch a successful product so soon.

  • The_Stig

    I wouldn’t be surprised if ASM 3 makes Dr. Octopus an actual octopus.