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It’s 4/20 (or so) and Phil celebrates with Amanda, a so-bad-it’s-good movie that goes great with a bong. This romantic comedy about a guy who discovers his wife was born a man is a laugh riot for all the wrong reasons, and Phil even gets a visit from someone who worked on the movie.

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  • $36060516

    I have to admire the part at 11:39 where Josh makes Phil crack up and it seems like a totally natural and real crack-up. The puppet Phil is acting naturalistically by lowering his head to the ground while cracking up, when the puppeteer seems to really be cracking up as well, but has the self-control to make the bunny react as if he is cracking up rather than losing control of his puppet while really cracking up. Impressive. As was the riff on the condom display with the abstinence sign.

  • “I was born a man.”
    “That is funny joke, because you obviously were not. Let’s have sex now.”
    “No, stop, I was born a man. Do you still love me?”
    “Haaaa, not so funny. Please to be stopping joke now. I want babies.”
    “No, I was born a man, tell me if you love me.”
    “How is this a thing? Is that true?”

    Dude, if someone lies that much, then it ain’t love. At that point, you tell Dude-man the truth, then lie to your awful shit-bag parents. I mean, at least Brewster’s Millions made SENSE. A twisted logic concocted by a bitter man dying of cancer, but still intelligent.