People Who Love Wes Anderson Will Love This New Wes Anderson Short Film

Decision tree time! Do you like Wes Anderson? Do you find Jason Schwartzman charming instead of inexplicable? Are you not a hippie and therefore can stand that ginormous fashion cabal Prada is the entity that is giving you this little bundle of Anderson joy? You’re in luck! Today brings us a new short film from the mighty Anderson, a little something to tide you over until the full-length “The Grand Budapest Hotel” comes out next year.

“Castello Cavalcanti” showcases Schwartzman as a race car driver who crashes his car into a statue of Jesus in a bucolic little Italian town circa 1955. He then has to talk to and bond with the locals and…oh, just go watch it. Be forewarned, though: the sound is weirdly mixed and muddy, so you’ll have to turn up your computer’s sound all the way and then remember to turn it back down again when you switch over to listening to Slayer or watching porn. Enjoy!


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    weird but kind of interesting