VIDEO: Alpha Black Zero: Intrepid Protocol

It’s time once again to roll out the barrel! The Budget Barrel, that is! Sci-fi tactical shooters are a rare beast, but every genre has a budget game or two if you look hard enough. In this episode, Roland reviews Alpha Black Zero, the first, last, and only game made by the Dutch (as far as anyone knows).

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  • Marozeph

    I’m somewhat confused why they set this game in the far future. Nothing really look futuristic, with a few alterations it could easily take place in Afghanistan or something. But hey, the guys behind Killzone are from the Netherlands, so the dutch do have some talented game-designers.

    • I wouldn’t exactly call Killzone good. :) Always seemed to me like a barely competent game with a TON of Sony-cash behind it.

      • Marozeph

        Like it or not, it’s hard to deny that the guys making it know what they are doing (unlike the people who made this thing).

        • I think they have a bit of technical knowhow; their game functions. Otherwise though it’s flat, lifeless, and dull. (can you tell I hated Killzone?)

  • Moppet

    I kind of like it when you hit up the sci-fi end of the barrel best, when it comes to your episodes, I don’t know why. Something different about your delivery? I don’t know. Good episode, nice to see the barrel back.

    I’d love to see you take a look at Advent Rising, and see if you’re sad or happy it never got its sequels.

    • Ah, Advent Rising was a strange story. I’d like to talk about it someday. I think the quality of the game had little to do with the death of a potential franchise.

      • Moppet

        Well, now I’m really curious to see the that look taken. Should it ever occur, I’ll eagerly tune in. Thank you, again, for the enjoyable video.

      • I think the biggest problem Advent Rising had was Orson Scott Card’s writing style. Whenever I read one of his stories I’m always baffled as to what type of story Card is trying to tell.

        • Thomas Stockel

          I sometimes think he goes a book or two too far. Ender’s Game, for example, is a great stand alone story. But did it need so many sequels? I read this other series from him, A Song of Distant Earth or something. About colonists returning to Earth and it was good. But that last book just…I dunno, it just felt like it came from a completely different series. Anne Rice had the same problem; one or two too many Vampire novels.

        • Yep. And in the back of your mind you’re aware that he’s a homophobic dickhole. So it make sit harder to forgive his storytelling trespasses.

  • Black Doug

    Before I saw the video game logos, I thought this was the cover to the Asylum’s version of “Zero Dark Thirty”.

    • I think that would actually be a lot of fun. Especially since their ripoffs are always ripping off something OTHER than what they’re named. So the story would be like, Hurt Locker or whatever, but called Alpha Black Zero Dark Thirty.

  • Alpha Black Zero: Intrepid Protocol

    Someone plucked that title from the random military jargon buzzword generator program.

    • Delta Gray Seven: Pandora Tomorrow.