VIDEO: Along Came a Spider (2001)

Special Bonus Videos! Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month -Your Questions Answered

Full of Questions reviews Along Came a Spider, the thriller based on the novel by James Patterson. Morgan Freeman reprises his Kiss the Girls role as retired D.C. detective Alex Cross, who’s lured back into action when a senator’s daughter is kidnapped. He teams up with a Secret Service agent (Monica Potter) and the two spend most of the film trying to out-bland each other. FoQ explains how the movie is nowhere near as smart as the book, yet still enjoyably dumb.

Also, in recognition of Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month, FoQ has recorded two videos where she responds to questions about her condition that you, the viewers, submitted back in May. In keeping with the spirit of the occasion, she’s decided not to edit any of her tics out of these videos.


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