VIDEO: All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996)

The sequel to 1989’s All Dogs Go to Heaven has a new director, a new set of writers, no Don Bluth, and the German Shepherd originally voiced by Burt Reynolds is now being voiced by, of all people, Charlie Sheen. Because sequels where a majority of the cast and crew from the original aren’t involved work out well, right?

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  • I remember watching this once, and just being amazed at how much the tone didn’t match the original film. At the time I believe I caught parts of the original about once a year on TV for a few years, so while I didn’t know the plot exactly I was familiar enough with it to recognize it. This, though… no.

  • Cinema_Slob

    Was it a direct to TV movie? I swear I saw this in the theater with my little sister when we were kids.

    • Misty

      The animation (and story) quality is bad enough that you’d swear it was direct to video, but amazingly it somehow got a theatrical release.

  • Johannes Vanbuylen

    Why does the music of I Will Always Be With You sound like it was taken from the credit sequences of some 1980’s hospital drama?