VIDEO: Alien: Isolation (2014)

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In a rare departure from movie reviews, the Fear Fan tackles an ambitious game that tries to bring Ridley Scott’s Alien to the small screen. Does it succeed, or lay more eggs than an alien queen?

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  • Cristiona

    Nice review. I don’t know if this is in my wheelhouse or not, but it certainly looks fantastic.

  • The_Stig

    There should have been a Queen in this thing. This game was SCREAMING for a queen. Not only would it have made sense (SOMETHING laid all those eggs), but it would have been bowel-evacuatingly scary if you had to deal with a pissed-off queen on top of all the drones for the final quarter of the game. Eh, maybe in the sequel.

    • Cristiona

      Meh. I never liked the Queen.

      I always preferred the bioweapon explanation which doesn’t require a Queen. Deleted scenes in the original also point towards procreation without a Queen.

      • Greenhornet

        “Bio-weapon”, PHOOIE! I hate movies that hinge on “creating the perfect weapon” because they make no sense! I want a new character for movies; one that asks LOGICAL QUESTIONS. For instance, Is an “alien” a better weapon than a tank or a helicopter gunship? No. Does the “alien” COST less to create and maintain? No. Can you CONTROL the “alien”? HELL NO!
        There are probably more reasons not to go the weird science route, but just one of these questions would bring the project to a screeching halt in real life.

        • Cristiona

          Logical questions?

          Your mistake is that you’ve narrowed your field of view to modern, real-world warfare. The aliens weren’t created because someone wanted to use them to take over a warm-water harbor. They’re planetary-level weapons for the commission of genocide. The ship dumps thousands or millions of eggs on the planet and let’s the monster do the work.

          There’s no need to control the alien because it’s a fire-and-forget weapon. You aren’t trying to colonize the planet; you’re killing it. They’re a total war weapon, and for that purpose, they’re very useful. Look at the space jockey’s ship. Look at how many eggs it was carrying. Look at the utter lack of a queen. Look at the deleted scenes where Dallas was stuck to the wall to be an incubator.

          They have acid blood, no eyes, a battering-ram second head in their mouth, and they adapt to whatever their host was. The face hugger, in mere minutes, was able to completely and utterly hijack Kane’s body so that removing it would kill him. It was also spring-loaded into the egg and able to dissolve its way through his face plate. That’s not natural selection; that’s bioengineering.